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our story

At the beginning of March 2013, we felt there was a need, not especially in Bognor Regis, West Sussex, UK but within the website industry in general to provide a simplified, more transparent way to get domain names, website hosting and professionally designed websites via a dedicated High Street location. The industry is not a shady one, but we felt it was not totally clear on what, where, how or who was involved, so rather than providing these services from a bedroom or industrial estate somewhere, we felt it was important that the public was able enter a High Street location and finally be able to shop for domain names, hosting and web designs.

Having a High Street presence as a West Sussex Web Design Company of course is beneficial to all clients rather than speaking to a call centre somewhere in the world, but we felt that having this easily available presence would help build trust with our clients. However, just like any relationship, trust needs to be earned over time, we help this along by being honest from the start, because as you will know, honesty in any relationship is crucial to it's longevity and success.

So after years of hesitation and deliberation,® was born. We received our first project almost immediately in March 2013 and although being quite a simple website, it still posed as a momentus occasion. Shortly after completing this we received another project from 3 doors away in London Road, Kampos Cycles, a bicycle shop where you can buy/rent bicycles, which is open all year round. They needed an e-commerce website for their shop to sell their cycles from. Of course we delivered and they were extremely happy with the end product. This was the beginning of what is truly a great and rewarding profession to be involved in, just seeing understanding in our clients eyes once we explain how things work and personally set things up for them. Our enthusiasm and integrity means our clients always leave with a smile and a great experience.

We go that extra mile by providing more than a web design, more than just support for web hosting or a domain issue. We ask that clients bring in their laptops, tablets or smartphones to our office and we will in turn set up all their email accounts, free of charge, while also providing support with e-commerce, CMS platforms and general help with all website and hosting related issues, no matter how trivial. We take pride in our work and performing these tasks, knowing our clients can go away from® having not been duped, over charged or just put on hold.

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The story of our brand

The name iwebsitez came from a fashionable trend in 2013 to put a "z" on the end of a word, plus most of the great domain names were already taken. It took a lot of discussion, arguing and a final debate to get to, but even now,® does have a ring to it, a certain "je ne sais quoi" that we just love. Our logo design took originally around 5 days to design with lots of too'ing and fro'ing, and yes it is a very simple logo. The 3 rectangles behind the "i" represent pages and 1 page for each "w" in "www". Simple, but the hours of thought and designs we went through to get it to where it is now was incredible.

Meet the Team


Pete deals with clients and has had a great deal of experience in this industry for many years now. He wanted to provide a platform where people can order websites and SEO in one location at the highest quality possible. According to Pete, the web industry has too much dishonesty, excessive monthly payments, website builders and red tape, which is why® has been put in place to change that. Pete is experienced in HTML, CSS, WordPress, Magento, Website Analysis, On-page, Off-page SEO and oversees the day to day running of®. Pete has been a student of SEO now for over 5 years experience with on-page SEO, off-page SEO and many other techniques to rank websites in serch engines.


Srik, our web technologies, software consultant, data mining and SEO specialist obtained a Masters Degree from The University of Leeds in 2004 in "Process System Engineering and Information". Srik has over 20 years experience in web hosting, web development, database driven website's, using HTML, CSS, PHP, Java (Sun Certified), JSP, MYSQL, Data Mining website analysis and all forms of deprecated and current forms of SEO. If there is something relating to servers, coding or quite frankly anything to do with web technologies, Srik will know or have written about it. You can read more on Sriks publications here.


Day to day Raf deals with building websites, client support and social media. He works with Windows, Mac or Linux, fluent in HTML and CSS while well versed in Javascript and JQuery and equipping himself with server side languages like PHP. In October 2015, Raf started University to further his skills and although he will not be here in person all the time, he will continue to work with® and is still available to help out with projects.


Lauretta is the newest part of the® team and was sourced from Italy. She studied at Accademia Anja in Rome and is skilled in PHP, MySQL, HTML5, CSS3, Wampserver 2.5 Apache, Photoshop CC, App development, animations with Adobe Edge Animate and SEO. Lauretta is a crucial part of the team going forward as® continues to grow designing and doing SEO for websites, in not only Bognor Regis and West Sussex but throughout the UK.