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A question we always ask our Chichester clients is if they have ever had problems finding the right web design agency in Chichester. 90% of the time the answer is yes. This is not to say the other web agencies in Chichester are bad, maybe just not the right fit for that type of business. This could be down to the way the web company operates, how it manages the Chichester business after the website is complete or just down to pricing.

We will look at all these factors and how address these concerns so that you the reader can make you own mind up if we have it right, or maybe the companies indeed have it right.

1. Company operations

The way that a web design company handles their clients after a website is complete is as important as the initial website sale. As with most businesses, not just web design companies unfortunately, getting them to sell you something is relatively easy, but getting the same company to do updates, make simple changes, or getting any kind of support from them is very challenging. Now we have to state again, we are not referring to any other Chichester web design companies or saying that they are doing this, we are just stating that does not operate our business in this fashion.

Most companies are setup for sales and this is something we do not like one bit.

Our Solution

Our operations are geared so that all members of can do any job from selling a web design, to answering queries or performing any types of updates. This is important to be reactive for or clients going forward. Always trying to sell to your clients is not a good plan in our opinion.

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2. After-sales management

We believe that going forward is even more important than just getting a website designed and you the client will need even more help. Not because you don’t know about websites, updating websites, website security, but because we do know about this stuff and this is what will help you to do better online.

Our Solution

We are just as reachable for updates and help as we are for getting a new website as we know how important these steps are for your business. 99% of the time, a client will email through a small change and within 10 minutes it is done and the client is notified. Being on-point like this is important for any business and how we would expect it if we were the client.

3. Pricing for web design and updates

As we said before, after the website is built, up and ruining and starting to generate enquiries, this is in our opinion the most important stage. Do you think Amazon just sit on their laurels because their website and app generate revenue? Not just no, “hell no!”. Small businesses do not have the budget of Amazon or Google, but we have to emulate as much as we can to the extent of improving, tweaking, being social and updating our websites with new fresh hand written content.

Don’t think that you have paid money for a website design that you are done because this is the first part of the story. You have to constantly update it with fresh content, fresh images and things that people will be interested in.

Pricing for these updates have always been a tricky thing and many Chichester web design companies do it different ways. Some will do monthly update packages, some will do an hourly rate, some will just quote a price and do the work. We don’t think there is any right or wrong way to go for website updates, it is just a company’s preference how they would like to do it.

Our solution

To price for website updates we charge by the hour, we like to bill exactly what it takes so that the client gets the best value for money. Update packages for around are ok too, if the client hgs enough updates and fresh content to update with.

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