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Photolemur 3 photo enhancer review

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Who says you need loads of free time and expensive software to perfect your images? Photolemur does all the heavy lifting, so you can spend more time having photo-worthy adventures!

Automatic photo editing

Powered By A.I Technology Photolemur 3.0’s AI brain automatically transforms your images from good to great by analyzing millions of details and instantly performing complex adjustments. No photo editing experience? No problem.

No Design or Technical Skills Required Revolutionary user interface crafted by a Red Dot Award winning designer, Photolemur offers you the option to just drag & drop your photos and let the whole process of the photo editing be done by the technology itself. Forget about using sliders or complex controls that make editing a chore.

Batch edit photos in bulk

Your memories are as precious as your time. Photolemur is designed to dramatically simplify batch image editing: enhance any amount of images at once, process RAW files, work with any volume of images. Photolemur takes care of the complex part, so you can enjoy the rest.

Sky photo enhancement

Enhance the sky in your photos to make it vivid yet natural-looking

The elegant blue tones will be made even more striking by the added sharpness of any clouds, planes, birds, or other objects, all the while keeping the sky natural-looking. By mapping the elements in your photo, Sky Enhancement targets the sky and brings back its head-turning colours. Turn any off-balance photo into a revelation of the true beauty of the heavens in one fell swoop!

Exposure compensation

Automatically fix your photo’s exposure to compensate for under and overexposures

Save time in post with Exposure Compensation. It uses robust smart technologies to quickly detect inaccurate exposure settings. It then effortlessly adjusts these settings to achieve the optimal exposure for that particular image, whether by darkening or brightening it.

Photolemur Before And After

Smart dehaze

With the Smart Dehaze, Photolemur automatically detects and eliminates unnatural haze or unwanted fog, mist, and smog in your photos, enhancing the colors, bringing back the details, and giving you a more breathtaking image. Moreover, it learns from each successfully corrected photo so that it only gets better with every use.

Natural light correction

Taking into account the time of day in each photo, the Daylight Correction adjusts the tone, exposure, and contrast to bring out the natural and true-to-life lighting in your captured moments. Whether it’s the cool elegance of the evening or the warm allure of the afternoon, it adjusts the lighting perfectly, taking you on a nostalgic trip back in time when you took the photo.

Tint perfecting

Tint Perfection gives your photo the ideal tint that fits it most, depending on the time of the day and the season in which it was taken. Based on several variables, including the image itself and the composition, it decides whether to apply a warmer red tint or a cooler blue one. Relive the feeling of your photos with the appropriate tint.

JPEG fix

With JPEG Fix, Photolemur pinpoints and corrects errors in your JPEG images by suppression compression artifacts. By doing so, it brings back much of the lost sharpness, clarity, and detail while simultaneously cleaning up unwanted noise from gained from the compression process.

RAW processing

Thanks for Photolemur’s RAW format support and excellent algorithms, your RAW files are in safe hands. It handles and enhances RAW images flawlessly, no matter what camera you shot with, so you’ll get results of the highest quality.

Auto lens correction

Let’s face it; we can’t always shell out for the best and most expensive lenses. Luckily, Photolemur has accounted for typical lens-generated issues like distortion, chromatic aberration, and vignetting with its Auto Lens Correction. It intuitively fixes these for you in an instant so you can focus more on your creative process.

Fantastic photo editing features

So with all these fantastic photo editing features all with a few clicks, it makes Photolemur the only photo editing software you’ll ever need.

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