what are the benefits of e-commerce to the merchant?

Reduced costs: End consumers are treated to lower prices and this is all due to reduced costs for the merchant. Online retailing requires no sales staff, hence a reduced labour cost. Electronic payments which are often automatically tracked and linked to accounting software results in reduced paper work and reduced errors in data entry. Costs involved the maintenance of a physical storefront are also removed, with the major cost of e-commerce going to warehousing and product storage.
Shorter time frames: E-commerce allows for highly reduces lead times, as well as the more efficient delivery of products.

Increased consumer reach: E-commerce allows online merchants to stock a larger product range than a traditional store. This larger product range means more products are suited to a larger consumer base and hence greater possible reach. E-commerce stores are also available from anywhere, interstate and international customers are no longer a missed segment - this results in a massively increase possible consumer base

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