is logo design important?

Billions of pounds are spent on brand marketing every year, and logos are extremely important in securing a brand identity. A business is recognisable purely by a logo, just think of Ferrari's black stallion, Apple's half bitten apple or the big M for McDonald's. Extreme examples I know, but a lot of thought needs to go in to a logo before it can be pushed out to the web or to print.

At our office/studio, our graphic designer can make a simple or an extremely complex logo for your new or existing business completely from a blank canvas. What happens after the design process, you the client will be invited in or shown remotely your new design. Once approved, it will be saved in to different form factors, some of which you may not require but we supply you with anyway. To list a few would include .jpeg, .png, .eps, .pdf. Your vision or idea can be drawn on a scrap piece of paper, given to our Graphic Designer to make it a reality in no time, depending how complex of course. We are more than happy to undertake just a logo design without building you a website and provide you with your new logo.


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