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Engage your target audience, maximise user experience and present your online shop in the best possible light with ecommerce web design.

As an ecommerce business, you need to ensure that your website is as visually appealing as possible, with great website design showing searchers that there is a trustworthy company behind the screen.

Here at, our high quality, cutting-edge e-commerce website design services are guaranteed to help your online stores stand out from the crowd, delivering maximum ROI and promising long-term results.

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What is an ecommerce website design?

First impressions are everything

When you walk into a shop, first impressions count

If the space in question is chaotic, cluttered, and unclean, a customer is unlikely to stick around for long, never mind making an actual purchase.

The same goes for e-commerce sites. If you click onto a website and the layout is poor, or the design leaves a lot to be desired, chances are that you will bounce to a competitor site.

This is where an ecommerce web design service is needed

In a nutshell, ecommerce website design is the process of creating an online store so that your customers can buy your products online. However, there is so much more to great web design than just this.

As a specialist ecommerce WordPress web design agency, we focus on many different crucial web design elements, including brand identity, trustworthiness, visual hierarchy, well-defined product categories, great product images, and so much more.

Do I need a brand new ecommerce website?

New site or modify the existing one?

If you already have an e-commerce site, you may be wondering whether you need to start from scratch or simply upgrade your existing online shop.

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Here at, we can help you to design a brand-new ecommerce website, or we can refresh your current one; either way, we guarantee to transform your site into a sales channel that drives results. Our team of professional web designers are up to date with all the latest web design trends, tools, and techniques, ensuring your finished website delivers the best possible user experience for your target audience.

Why choose us as your ecommerce web design company?

We have all bases covered

With so many ecommerce website design services available online, why should you choose to let us create your ecommerce site? It’s a good question and one we can answer by showcasing our skills and services below.

Website features

We offer a multitude of website features that are each designed to improve either the usability or searchability of your site in one way or another.

Some of our most popular features that we can add to your ecommerce site include:

  • Search
  • Product features
  • Product ratings
  • Featured products
  • Shopping cart
  • Newsletter subscription
  • Blogs
  • Website analytics
  • Multiple product images
  • Navigational tools

Ongoing support

Once your brand new and improved website is up and running, we won’t just disappear like many other ecommerce web design agencies. Instead, we will provide ongoing support with the maintenance of your site, offering regular updates on its progress and any other help that you need.

Ready to start building the e-commerce site of your dreams?

Get in touch with our ecommerce web design team here today and start planning for a brighter (more profitable) tomorrow.

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Ecommerce portfolio

Check out our latest ecommerce projects

Eastmoors Lake Yurts

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Glamping website

Plant Plots Garden Designer

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Ecommerce websites from £1000

Sites to sell products/services online

Secure WordPress setup
Woocommerce setup
Stripe payment gateway setup
Responsive website
Modern & trendy design
SEO ready
50% deposit to start

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Extra services

Here are some additional services that we provide upon request.

Google my Business setup£150.00
Facebook Business page setup£150.00
Domain names - search domains£15.00
Logo design from - buy now£150.00
Website maintenance - see the deals£40.00 p/m
Business web design - learn more£800.00
Website amendments (5 min free for clients)£60.00 p/h


Our customer experiences

Thank you to the team of who helped me with a problem I was facing with a website I was building. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend
Benjamin C.
Benjamin C.
20:07 03 Feb 22
Incredible, fast and reliable service from an extremely professional team of experts! I would recommend anyone to if they want to be at the top of the search engine or to tweak their website to look more professional and or to their liking!
Mason D.
Mason D.
12:18 21 Jul 20
quality service. the guidance was invaluable, the website is way beyond my expectations. great professional and honest service. can't wait to continue to work with you!
Bodhi Tree A.
Bodhi Tree A.
20:19 22 Apr 20
could not fault the work done. so professional and went above and beyond. the guidance and advise was invaluable. highly recommend.can't wait to continue working with you guys!!
Bodhi Tree A.
Bodhi Tree A.
20:17 22 Apr 20
Pete and Lauretta absolutely understood what my business is all about. They built a website I can be proud of and one that precisely represents my company. Their patience is unending and their attention to detail incredible. I can't recommend them highly enough!
Siobhan S.
Siobhan S.
08:53 12 Feb 19
Thank you so much iwebsitez. Not only have you built my company a first class website but your dedication and kindness will never be forgotten. A professional web design company that deserves a medal as well as 5*.
Quirky Coffee C.
Quirky Coffee C.
21:18 30 Aug 18
Amazing service! Incredible results! You will feel valued as a customer
Mase D.
Mase D.
17:04 25 Jul 18
Absolutely fantastic service. Always helpful. Should be 10 stars.
Bevis B
Bevis B
17:07 01 May 18
Daniel Lateu (.
Daniel Lateu (.
17:41 30 Mar 18
Excellent service, great communication and keep us up to date with all relevant changes related to having an online presence. Thank you
Dapper Dogs F.
Dapper Dogs F.
09:17 18 Jan 18
These guys rock, not only great web design they get your website to page 1 in search engines to get you more business. Please keep up the good work now I have left a review...
Susan E.
Susan E.
06:41 15 Jan 18
Experienced, hard working knowledgeable and honest,thanks for the awesome website and getting me to page 1,life changing stuff.Special thanks to Lauretta,you are so clever in what you do !!
Bob G.
Bob G.
09:13 13 Jan 18
These guys rock,Pete,Srik,Raf and by no means least Lauretta, not only great web design they get your website to page 1 in search engines to get you more business. Please keep up the good work now I have left a review.
Mel V.
Mel V.
11:28 11 Jan 18
What a terrific company I have discovered, not only do they do superb websites they also help you rank in the search engines too! Will recommend to my friends and family for sure.
Kishore R.
Kishore R.
12:49 14 Dec 17
Top web design company indeed. Not only are they great to work with, I also they think they will become friends too. Top marks for support, top marks for service and top marks for value for money!!!!
Harry W.
Harry W.
06:21 14 Dec 17
I highly recommend! Fantastic team and great help. Thank You.
Jg Vet Physio &Amp; Photo A.
JG Vet Physio & Photo A.
17:08 12 Dec 17
Thank you guys. We have had many problems before with web design companies and have at last found one that can be trusted, top marks and keep up the great work.
James C.
James C.
12:17 24 Nov 17
I picked out iwebsitez from a Google search looking for website designers geographically convenient to my activities. I'm secretary of a large(ish) prostate cancer charity and knew nothing about website design and not much about computers but, for various reasons, we knew that our old website needed to be replaced.I knew what I wanted to achieve but didn't know how to achieve it. Pete and the team seemed to know what they were talking about so we set off. My ideas came up against technological limitations and I had to push to understand why things could not be achieved. The result, as always, is a compromise. The first stage is to get the site live and then we will consider adding bells and whistles.Pete and the team are busy with various projects - always a good sign - but always seemed to have time to explain but you have to push. Like most computer people, they race on ahead bashing keys, talking in jargon with screens flashing past my eyes and sometimes have to be dragged back to explain in English what they are up to and why they are doing this or that. Occasionally I had to say 'but I want it this way'.Also, you have to be clear about who is doing what. A couple of times days passed when they and I each thought the other was doing something.However, having said that, I am pleased with the result, the price was reasonable and no-one in the charity has (yet) complained. I will have no problem in returning to iwebsitez for the next stages and would certainly recommend anyone to talk to them. You'll be pleased with the results you get.
David H.
David H.
09:04 23 Nov 17
We was having some issues with our website and wasn't able to resolve it ourselves so we hit Google and found a list of local web developers. Lucky for us we found iwebsites, we called them and the phone was answered promptly. We was given a very warm welcome and was connected to a very helpful engineer Pete, who not only resolved my problem within the hour, also took the time to advise on other areas I could improve myself.Really would recommend iwebsitez for a very professional service.
Cloud 4 S.
Cloud 4 S.
14:27 21 Nov 17
Fantastic service since 2013. Great advice and awesome website guys thanks!
Jc T.
14:17 21 Nov 17
Thank you - good service, more than happy with our site
Rachel F.
Rachel F.
09:07 11 Jul 17
An amazing service! Thank you so much for all your guidance and help. Highly recommended!!!
Customize Events (Party H.
Customize Events (Party H.
11:37 06 Feb 17
Amazing company and great service. They build great websites and they do rank your website too! Highly recommended!
Trevor D.
Trevor D.
11:16 22 Dec 16
I can't express enough how good these guys are at there job. Pete and the team are amazing. They genuinely make what vision you have for a website happen plus so much more.Thanks guysIPhone ambulance
Aaron T.
Aaron T.
19:31 17 Dec 16
Professional but friendly service, always quick to respond to emails. They are happy to work with your ideas but will suggest alternatives if they are more beneficial.
Inbalance H.
Inbalance H.
16:50 18 Oct 16
My thanks to the whole team at iwebsitez. I'm really pleased with my new website. Pete, Raf and Lauretta are easy to work with, available at their office if you need to see them, and turn around any amendments very quickly. The whole thing came in on budget and on time.
Barry S.
Barry S.
14:41 30 Sep 15
Great customer service very helpful, I was a little bit rusty when it came to my website and iwebsitez helped me to sort out all my little issues, I will be recommending this local business to my friends.Thanks
David H.
David H.
23:11 23 Feb 15
I always wary about using family and friends in business but was ripped off by the last Web Design Company I used. I am not a computer literate person and in fact hate technology but realise the importance of a website. As a Sales and Marketing person it was imperative that the people designing my site understood my needs, fast hosting, user friendly, easier registered domain names and an ability to contact someone who would speak to me in a language I understood, with patience. My husband owns and runs iwebsitez. I can say I am his best and worst critic. Using him, was the best business decision I made. And not because I'm his wife but as a business professional, he did everything he said he would do and more. Very happy and highly recommend.
Sarah D.
Sarah D.
19:42 13 Jan 15
The best hosting I have used so far, never had any problems with my website. The prices are awesome, and the crew is very helpful. They deserve at least 5 stars.
Mateusz M.
Mateusz M.
13:45 24 Dec 14
Iwebsitez Client Reviews

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Ecommerce website design FAQ's

Why choose for your digital marketing, web design company?

We are the best choice for any project because we:

  • Are always available & a reliable web designer
  • Are reasonably priced web designs, web development, design services, SEO, domain names & hosting
  • Always deliver websites on time
  • Always provide outstanding customer service, before and after builds

What is an e-commerce website?

Ecommerce, also known as electronic commerce or internet commerce, refers to the buying and selling of goods or services using the internet, and the transfer of money and data to execute these transactions. E-commerce is often used to refer to the sale of physical products online, but it can also describe any kind of commercial transaction that is facilitated through the internet. One of the best platforms that we use for this s Woocommerce.

We provide ecommerce web design to an excellent standard which will encompass all aspects of an ecommerce website.

You have a new ecommerce website, do you need SEO?

Great question! Just because you now have an ecommerce website, does not mean people are going to come and buy products.  The best analogy we always use is that it is like having a lovely well-stocked shop in the middle of the desert. People will come if they know it is there, but if no one knows about it, very few people will find it. To explain further, if someone types in what you are selling on your online store into Google, and your website is not listed on the first page, how do they know your product exists? This is why we would suggest e-commerce search engine optimisation for your online shop.

How much is a new ecommerce website going to cost?

A cliched answer I'm afraid. The way we price is on time. According to averages from us and other industry experts, it takes around 20 hours for a web design to be built properly. Based on that, you know that an e-commerce web design agency costs anywhere between £30 - £150 per hour, depending on where you are in the world, this should give you an idea of cost. Try our FREE web design cost calculator for a more accurate quote on your new e-commerce website.

Why for your new ecommerce website?

Good question we had from many people. We use WordPress combined with WooCommerce for all ecommerce website designs. WooCommerce is easy to manage, widely used and is probably the most popular ecommerce platform in the world. There are many other ecommerce platforms, most of them are not open source and most of these ecommerce platforms tend to charge monthly. WooCommerce is however free forever unless you wanted to some more sophisticated functions that WooCommerce cannot do, there are many plugins that will help you achieve your desired function, and because of WordPress and WooCommerce are so widely used, there are many to choose from. This is why WooCommerce is so popular for ecommerce website design.

Should you be looking to start an ecommerce business, is an excellent choice as the ecommerce website design agency of choice, as we not only provide a quality end product, but overwhelmingly good support after your ecommerce site is live.

What is a payment gateway and why do I need one?

A payment gateway is a third party's software that processes payments on your website for you. One of the most popular we use is Stripe. Stripe is arguably the best payment processor on the market as of 2022.

Once a customer visits your e-commerce website and purchases a product, Stripe for example take the money from the customer's card and hold it for 7 days to avoid chargebacks. Once the 7 days have passed, Stripe will transfer the money to your designated bank account automatically and this is the same process for every transaction.

We are not affiliated with Stripe but in our experience, Stripe as an ecommerce payment processor works literally flawlessly.

Without a payment gateway on your site, the only payments you will be able to take is bank transfer, which is time-consuming and cumbersome for the customer.

Do I need and SSL for an ecommerce website?

The short answer is yes. SSL stands for secure sockets layer. Protocol for web browsers and servers that allows for the authentication, encryption and decryption of data sent over the Internet.

For all the websites that transfer data online, they must make sure that their connection is protected by an SSL. The SSL certificate keeps your website secure and builds trust among your customers. Nowadays, even Google recommends having an SSL certificate for every single website.

If you see the "Not Secure" sign in the Google Chrome tab next to the domain name, the website is not secure and maybe should be avoided. If the website does have an SSL, you will see the padlock symbol next to the domain.

All websites now (2022) and from 2020 should have an SSL certificate really.

Why is different for ecommerce website design

As you will see from our ecommerce website examples in our Portfolio, all ecommerce website designs are very customer friendly, easy to manage for the store owner and all are successful online stores in their own right.

Our ecommerce solutions are aimed at businesses that have brick and mortar stores that want to pivot into ecommerce as well, or simply individuals wanting only to sell their products online.

Our ecommerce stores are set up with a fundamentally perfect URL structure, search functionality and fast too. This recipe adds up to a successful ecommerce solution for our clients.

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