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Quick iwebsitez history

At the beginning of March 2013, we felt there was a need to provide a simplified, more transparent way to get domain names, website hostings and professionally designed websites. This was the beginning of what is truly a great and rewarding profession to be involved in, just seeing the understanding in our clients’ eyes once we explain how things work is very rewarding.

We have all nationalities involved in our design team and have many outsourcers around the globe, in the USA, Canada, India and more. Our team is comprised of 4 main characters, each with their owns strengths who you can see a little bit more about below.


Founder | SEO | Web developer

Pete has had a great deal of experience in this industry for many years now. According to him, the web industry has too much dishonesty and red tape, which is why iwebsitez.com has been put in place to change that. Pete is experienced in HTML, WordPress and search engine optimisation (SEO) so he can rank anything in search engines.



Web designer | SEO

Originating from Rome, Italy, Lauretta runs the design side of iwebsitez. She is skilled in WordPress, HTML, CSS, Photoshop and SEO.. Working together with Pete within iwebsitez is crucial to the synergy of website design and SEO and the beautiful part is, they are a couple that do everything together.



Server Head | SEO

Srik, our web technologies, software consultant, web hosting guru, data mining and SEO specialist. Srik is Java (Sun Certified), JSP, MYSQL and all forms of SEO.  Srik obtained a Masters Degree from The University of Leeds in 2004 in “Process System Engineering and Information”.



Designer | WordPress Developer | JS Expert

Day to day Raf deals with building websites and client support. He works with Windows, Mac or Linux, fluent in HTML and CSS while well versed in Javascript, JQuery and PHP. In October 2015, Rafal started University in Poland to further his web design skills and although not here in person, he continues to work with iwebsitez.com®.


Amazing SEO

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