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Our history, team and ethos
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Born out of necessity

At the beginning of March 2013, was born. We felt there was a need to provide a simplified, more transparent way to supply to the public responsive websites, to obtain domain names, website hosting and SEO.

This was the beginning of what is truly a great and rewarding profession, just seeing the understanding in our clients’ eyes once we explain how things work is very rewarding.

The main services we provide are:

All the services above can be viewed and managed in one place, which we feel is unique.

Contact Info

Open 24/7

Main HQ

114 Churchwood Drive, Tangmere, Chichester, West Sussex, PO20 2GB

Other locations

Rome, Italy
Costa Del Sol, Spain

Designers, SEOs, coding & hosting experts

Meet our core team

Take your website to new heights with, but first, learn about who we are and what we do.

Pete Duke - SEO


Founder | SEO | Web developer

Pete has a great deal of experience… learn more.



Web designer | SEO

Lauretta is an integral part of iwebsitez… learn more.



Server Head | SEO

Srik, our web technologies, software consultant, data mining and SEO specialist obtained a Masters Degree from The University of Leeds in 2004 in “Process System Engineering and Information”.

Java (Sun Certified), JSP, MYSQL, Data Mining website analysis and all forms of deprecated and current forms of SEO. If there is something relating to servers, coding or quite frankly anything to do with web technologies, Srik will know or have written about it.

You can read more on Sriks publications here.



Designer | JS Expert

Day to day Raf deals with building websites, client support and social media. He works with Windows, Mac or Linux, fluent in HTML and CSS while well versed in Javascript and JQuery and equipping himself with server-side languages like PHP.

In October 2015, Raf started University to further his skills and although he will not be here in person all the time, he will continue to work with and is still helps out with most projects.

Security, public relations and morale specialists

The true experts



Public relations

Pallino is an essential part of the iwebsitez team. Well-knowledged for coordinating any clients cuddle opportunities and with his small form of communication, he can conduct attentive biscuit research and then report any findings.

Pallino has an outstanding reputation for managing every aspect of a potential office crisis situation and he ensures that there are no disruptions between the team and any feeding schedules.

Unfortunately, our little friend Pallino passed away in October 2020.



Public relations junior

Tucker is another crucial part of the iwebsitez team, as he is continuing where Pallino left off. His main tasks are to look after team morale and to ensure the security of the HQ.

Between bones and biscuits, Tucker loves to roam the HQ here and make sure everything is ok. Once he has finished his patrols he loves to go out for walks to let off some steam.

Tucker is very friendly and is looking forward to meeting you.