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If your site is not page #1, its website obscurity

Every small business wants to be on the first page in relevant search results. However, maintaining the top spot, or even page #1, is not as easy as it looks. Websites have to gain their place in rankings in several ways. The most prominent example is search engine optimisation (SEO services).

Our search engine optimisation services offer creative and technical ways to improve the quality and searchability of your website. We use organic SEO strategies unique to our agency to boost your positioning in search results.

It’s not just a case of placing keywords in the copy that gets results. An intricate process ensures your business receives relevant visitors and potential conversions.

SEO helps get you seen in the right places and at the right time, giving you the potential to attract more customers and improve your brand presence to improve search engine results. We can help you achieve these goals and provide an agency service to improve search visibility and conversions.


Our expert SEO team

We are a specialist SEO services agency with many years of experience in SEO strategy and successful campaigns

Our team covers a wide range of industries and has expertise in all forms of SEO, including on-page SEO, off-page SEO, and technical SEO.

Things you should know about SEO

SEO competition is fierce

Impossible to be page #1 without SEO

Competition is fierce online, so optimising your site is vital for maximum exposure in search results.

Your customer journey starts with an online search, so being on the first page will likely guide your customers to choose your products and services over competitors.

If your website is lost in the internet void, you likely have no organic visibility in your desired niche or for relevant keywords.

In short, your website needs to be optimised for SEO! There are many aspects to search engine optimisation, both onsite and off-site. Plus, technical elements also play a part.

Why your site does not rank

Many factors to consider

We understand numerous factors affect your website’s visibility in search results. These ranking factors are essential in our unique SEO strategies and how we tailor our services to your business needs.

Our process involves core practices such as content optimisation, link building, and technical SEO improvements to improve search rankings and user experience.

Content plays a vital role in gaining top positions in the SERPs. Search engines filter through billions of pieces of content to bring online searches the most relevant results. They are driven by complex algorithms that give the user high-quality and valuable information.

So to ensure you stand out in this crowded marketplace, engaging and, SEO-optimised content is essential.

Other reasons your site is on page 2 & beyond could be over-optimisation, bad backlinks, Google Manual Action or Penalty or poor site structure. Don’t worry; we can help!

Tried & tested SEO services

Obtaining top-ranking positions on search engines isn’t luck

Our SEO 100% works and is entirely safe. It involves an effective white hat SEO strategy to improve online visibility to the right audiences.

Our team uses tried and tested techniques to help your brand rank for relevant keywords on page 1 of the search engines. Our strategies are tailored to your business and not only bring more customers to your website but also improve conversion rates for your products or services.

What you get from our SEO service

We do all the heavy lifting necessary for you to rank

Our SEO services cover a range of areas, including:

 Content audit and optimisation
 Technical SEO audit and improvements
 Competitor analysis
 Keyword research and monitoring
 Backlink analysis
 Link building

SEO results

What will SEO give me?

So if you choose to go ahead with our monthly SEO, you will get #1 rankings for your chosen keyword/s. This will achieve you:

More visitors
More enquiries
More sales
And… what every business does SEO or digital marketing for, to make more money

Monitor your seo

Track your keywords anytime, anywhere

Our SEO includes a dedicated rank-tracking app to monitor your keyword progress. Also, you can receive daily, weekly or monthly reports directly to your email. We also work with you to monitor the SEO plan and make modifications when required to improve your results.

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Reviews of – SEO company

Independent testimonials for our SEO

Based on 45 reviews
Benjamin C.
Thank you to the team of who helped me with a problem I was facing with a website I was building. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend
Garden for P.
Iwebsitez have shown exemplary design skills and immense knowlege to provide me with an outstanding website. They have continued to be very helpful to me after the build and have provided me with some excellent SEO services. I could not recommend them more highly.
Mason D.
Incredible, fast and reliable service from an extremely professional team of experts! I would recommend anyone to if they want to be at the top of the search engine or to tweak their website to look more professional and or to their liking!
Bodhi Tree A.
quality service. the guidance was invaluable, the website is way beyond my expectations. great professional and honest service. can't wait to continue to work with you!
Bodhi Tree A.
could not fault the work done. so professional and went above and beyond. the guidance and advise was invaluable. highly recommend.can't wait to continue working with you guys!!
Chris F.
Can’t say enough about the service provided by Pete and Lauretta! Well above and beyond. Didn’t just produce a quality site, their guidance was so helpful. Can’t thank you guys enough!!
Looking forward to continuing work with you both! 5/5
Siobhan S.
Pete and Lauretta absolutely understood what my business is all about. They built a website I can be proud of and one that precisely represents my company. Their patience is unending and their attention to detail incredible. I can't recommend them highly enough!
Mase D.
Incredible team, amazing results and with no hassle! Highly recommend for any website or SEO needs! I mean they even explain everything! So you know what your investing!
Dapper Dogs F.
Excellent service, great communication and keep us up to date with all relevant changes related to having an online presence. Thank you
Bob G.
Experienced, hard working knowledgeable and honest,thanks for the awesome website and getting me to page 1,life changing stuff.Special thanks to Lauretta,you are so clever in what you do !!
Cloud 4 S.
We was having some issues with our website and wasn't able to resolve it ourselves so we hit Google and found a list of local web developers. Lucky for us we found iwebsites, we called them and the phone was answered promptly. We was given a very warm welcome and was connected to a very helpful engineer Pete, who not only resolved my problem within the hour, also took the time to advise on other areas I could improve myself.Really would recommend iwebsitez for a very professional service.
Lee C.
We was having some issues with our website and wasn't able to resolve it ourselves so we hit Google and found a list of local web developers. Lucky for us we found iwebsites, we called them and the phone was answered promptly. We was given a very warm welcome and was connected to a very helpful engineer Pete, who not only resolved my problem within the hour, also took the time to advise on other areas I could improve myself.
Really would recommend iwebsitez for a very professional service.
Barbara R.
I can't tell you how much iwebsitez has changed my business with their SEO services, we were getting zero traffic and now we are over 1000 visitors a month and the phone is ringing constantly. I simply had to leave a review as my understanding of what SEO was nothing as I didn't think it would make a difference. 8 months in..... now I can see. Thank you guys!
Carla C.
I hired this company to perform some SEO work on my website, they started 4 months ago and I am now getting more enquiries, I would strongly recommend this company as they do exactly what they say which is pushing you up the listings in Google for your chosen keyword! Just brilliant.
Sal J.
Pete and the team at iwebsitez have designed and built an excellent website for me and have been able to reflect my brand perfectly. From brief to the finished product they were helpful, flexible and creative to get my requests done leaving me with a stylish, fully functional site. I would highly recommend them. Sal Jefferies.
Aaron T.
I can't express enough how good these guys are at there job. Pete and the team are amazing. They genuinely make what vision you have for a website happen plus so much more.

Thanks guys
IPhone ambulance
Inbalance H.
Professional but friendly service, always quick to respond to emails. They are happy to work with your ideas but will suggest alternatives if they are more beneficial.
Barry S.
My thanks to the whole team at iwebsitez. I'm really pleased with my new website. Pete, Raf and Lauretta are easy to work with, available at their office if you need to see them, and turn around any amendments very quickly. The whole thing came in on budget and on time.
David H.
Great customer service very helpful, I was a little bit rusty when it came to my website and iwebsitez helped me to sort out all my little issues, I will be recommending this local business to my friends.Thanks
David H.
Great customer service very helpful, I was a little bit rusty when it came to my website and iwebsitez helped me to sort out all my little issues, I will be recommending this local business to my friends.
Scott W.
I was a bit sceptical when I first contacted iwebsitez, as I was was ripped off by a previous company who seemed like my project was far too big a project for them and 18 months worth of work, time and money was rendered useless.

After meeting with Pete and the team we decided to proceed and restart our website from scratch - Probably the best decision I have made to date!

Less than 6 months have passed and more has been achieved within this time then the previous 18 month!

Throughout the build the team have been so much more than helpful offering advice and providing solutions to help us get the most out of our site.

On top of the website build I have also purchased a hosting plan and a SEO plan with iwebsites.

I have also registered 33 domains through them. All of these processes were cost effective and simple to do.

I am very excited to getting this project finished over the next month and launching our 1st site, with 7 more to come through out 2015.

Thanks guys - Keep up the good work 🙂
Mateusz M.
The best hosting I have used so far, never had any problems with my website. The prices are awesome, and the crew is very helpful. They deserve at least 5 stars.

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Things we get asked the most

Does my website need SEO?

The answer is maybe. It will depend on how competitive the sector of your business is. For example, suppose you have a business in a reasonably common industry with many other companies in your area. In that case, you will likely need SEO and social media to propel you to page 1.

If your business website is one of a few in your area, maybe you will not need to do a lot of marketing at all.

Having a semantically correct, high-quality website is the perfect foundation to build on. Once this is complete, things can expand to SEO services and social media marketing if required, providing brand awareness and search engine visibility in organic search.

Unfortunately, using a website builder without the knowledge of websites or a very low-quality website designer to build a substandard website is a recipe for failure online.

So the answer is probably yes. Your site will need the help of SEO specialists or a team of SEO experts to run a bespoke SEO campaign.

How long does it take to rank with SEO?

If you have started SEO services and after a few months you notice your website is not even beginning to rank, don’t panic. This is very normal, and we always advise you to allow six months before seeing any significant movement in keyword rankings.

It won’t happen quicker, but google indexes very slowly these days in 2022, and it takes time for links pointing to your website to pass juice or power. Eventually, the backlinks’ power will trickle through, and your site will start moving up. So, as business owners, don’t nag your SEO company for quick results.

Does SEO work?

SEO does work. We have seen massive success in our SEO campaigns, and I think any SEO consultant worth his salt can confirm this. Professional SEO and SEO specialists like ourselves can make SEO work for almost any business online. This can be a small, medium, or even large business.

A successful SEO campaign will result in a website getting more traffic because more organic traffic comes from higher search engine rankings, turning visitors into paying customers.

Hiring an SEO company for SEO services is worth it, but do not expect results immediately. All our professional SEO service specialists are experienced SEOs that know how to get results from local SEO, small business SEO or SEO results in maps.

Does PPC & SEO work together?

Yes, absolutely. If affordable, PPC ads, Google, Bing or Facebook can work well together and produce some fantastic results in the long run. An expert SEO consultancy can advise on the correct path to point your ads to and to work in conjunction with the SEO service.

How much do SEO services cost?

Search engine optimization services can vary in cost depending on the type of SEO practices you need for your business. Leading SEO firms offer various technical and marketing services, ranging from bespoke SEO methods to comprehensive packages covering everything from content creation to web design. Depending on your budget and goals, investing in an all-inclusive package from a reputable SEO provider like ours may be more beneficial.

Alternatively, some businesses outsource specific elements of their strategy, such as link-building or keyword research. Ultimately, the cost of business SEO services will depend on the scope of work required and what type of results you want. It’s necessaryto do your research before selecting an experienced SEO agency or consultant who can provide tailored solutions that fit within your budget.

What happens if I stop SEO services?

The answer is nothing should happen for a little while, depending on the competitiveness of the niche or keyword. We could analyse and tell you why you should re-start SEO if you drop down a few positions.

If you have stopped SEO permanently, you may need to restart, especially if your competitors do SEO. Dropping 2-3 positions in Google can mean losing thousands in revenue, so please think before doing this.

Whether the company you use is an award-winning SEO agency or just a good SEO person, you should strongly consider continuing before stopping.

Stopping shouldn’t come into the equation if you choose a reputable SEO company offering top SEO services. Our SEO services are designed to work for every single niche and client in any industry.

What types of SEO are there?

Ok, SEO is SEO. It doesn’t matter what type of website it is. SEO is still done the same way. But here is where it gets interesting. SEO is different on every single project. Every site is different and will require other aspects of SEO.

Some sites may need local SEO, some may need e-commerce SEO, some may require on-site or on-page optimisation to improve in Google search (optimise website content), and there is also international SEO. Some will need the kitchen sink thrown at them. All sites in all niches need different things, which makes SEO so attractive to us to get more website traffic and boost their online presence.

An experienced SEO can tell a customer what they need, and this is precisely what we do well.

Is there a secret to SEO & getting found online?

Yes, like any profession, take, for example, a plumber. Not all of us can fix leaks in our bathrooms or a builder. Not all of us can build an extension. It’s the same as any good SEO agency performing top SEO, knowing what to do to drive online traffic, what search engines are like, how to do proper internet marketing or online marketing, and how long good SEO takes.

Are cheaper/affordable SEO services still potent enough to work?

Yes, affordable SEO services are still potent enough to work. SEO is improving the visibility of a website or web page on organic search results from Google and other search engines. This process helps to rank higher on relevant organic search engine results pages (SERPs).

Due to the cost of SEO, many companies prefer to avail of cheaper and more affordable services that can still provide results. Although these services may not seem as effective as more expensive ones, they are still efficient enough to yield tangible outcomes regarding better rankings, increased traffic and enhanced customer engagement. With the right strategy for your business and tactics, websites can get maximum returns on their investments by opting for an affordable SEO service.

Should I hire an SEO agency?

Hiring an SEO agency can be a great way to help your business succeed in the digital world. We offer proven SEO procedures and a bespoke SEO strategy that can help your business reach its full potential. By working with us, you will have experts who understand the latest trends and best practices for achieving effective SEO results. We will create a custom plan that meets your business’s needs and goals. Ultimately, hiring an SEO agency is a great way to improve your website’s visibility on search engines and increase traffic to your site.


Many SEO companies promise position 1, which should not be promised. On the flip side, we guarantee page 1 results for the designated keyword/s. An experienced SEO services provider will know not to promise position 1 results, and any team of SEO specialists know that SEO services designed to work do take time.

As part of our SEO services include an App to track your rankings any time you want, weekly textual ranking reports sent directly to your email (not a PDF file) and peace of mind that your website in all areas of SEO, such as technical SEO services, on-page SEO and off-page SEO is being looked after.

Do we do e-commerce SEO?

Absolutely, we do! At, we specialise in comprehensive ecommerce SEO strategies tailored to maximise your online store’s visibility, drive more organic traffic, and ultimately, increase your sales.

Our expert team has extensive experience in all facets of e-commerce SEO, from keyword research and on-page optimisation to technical SEO and link building. We aim to ensure that your e-commerce site ranks high in search engine results, connecting you with consumers actively seeking your products.

We understand that each ecommerce business is unique, and therefore, we provide bespoke SEO solutions designed to meet your specific needs and objectives. Whether you’re launching a new online store or seeking to improve the performance of an existing one, our dedicated team is ready to help you navigate the SEO landscape.

We leverage cutting-edge tools and stay updated with the latest Google SEO trends to deliver results that help you outperform your competition. Let us help you unlock the full potential of your ecommerce site with our expert ecommerce SEO services. Read more on ecommerce SEO here.

Not only SEO…

Other powerful web services we offer

Web Design

Innovative responsive website design service.

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Logo Design

Bespoke & professional logos designed for you.

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WordPress & website maintenance, support plans.

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Website Hosting

Cloud NVMe cPanel website hosting plans.

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