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Domain name registration

Think carefully about the name

Specialising in web design and SEO is one thing, but this process all has to start with registering a domain name. It is so important to register the right domain name that matches your brand and identifies what you do.

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If you are solely relying on traffic from search engines then you should use real words and phrases like (yourtown) that people are searching for to increase your search ranking.

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How to choose a domain name?

If your marketing focus is on paid search listing, banner ads and buzz building, you should come up with a brandable name that people will remember or think is trendy.

Do not limit your market

Be creative and do not limit your market, but bear in mind that most single word domains are taken and you might need to create your own word or phrase. Try compounding two whole words, blending parts of two words together like Microsoft or making up a completely unique name.