• Yellowstar Taxis
  • HTML/PHP website
  • Brand building
  • Domain & hosting support
  • Custom design elements
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Website brief

Paul & Sally came to us to fix some elements of their dated and frankly horrible old website. We fixed the form and because it took 10 minutes, we didn’t charge. A month passed and they came back for us to build them a brand new website as they were sinking in a lot of money into updating and re-launching the business. They needed the website to fit with their branding.

The project & final result

We produced a bespoke HTML website that not only is responsive but outperforms the old website 10 fold. We used custom imagery that fits in perfectly with their new brand image and up to date taxi booking system.

We provided domain support and ongoing hosting for Yellow Star as their booking system integrates with our server. We loved working with them and look forward to a bright future watching Yellow Star go from strength to strength.

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