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Welcome to our web design services, in which we develop unique and professional websites for any niche while adhering to your requirements. We tailor every website with your content, combined with our web design skills. we know this will be a winning formula that delivers a cool, on-trend, custom-designed website that functions properly and is secure.

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Web design process

How we transform your ideas into reality

01. Research

We work with you to understand your business, studying the niche and competition.

02. Design

After researching the market, we plan and create a website with all the gathered information.

03. Launch

Once you’re happy with the design, we test functionality and prepare to launch.

 WP Care

When the website is live, regular updates are essential, but don’t worry we can help with this too.

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Data centre cleaning


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LGM Developments Ltd

Building contractors website


Chichester Opticians

Opticians website

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Business web design

WordPress CMS, perfect for business, personal, portfolio or blogs

From £800.00 £600

Price from reduced to help people through COVID-19 period

Secure WordPress setup
Responsive website
Modern & trendy design
SEO ready
50% deposit to start
Domain names from £15 p/a
cPanel web hosting from £72 p/a
WordPress care (optional)

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Extra services

Here are some additional services that we provide upon request.

Google my Business setup £100.00
Facebook Business page setup £100.00
Logo design from £100.00
WordPress maintenance - view £40.00 p/m
Ecommerce web design - view £1000.00
Website amendments £50.00 p/h

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Frequently asked website questions

What is a responsive website?

A responsive website simply means a website that will automatically resize itself depending on which device it is displaying on.

What is an e-commerce website?

An ecommerce website will take payments for you autonomously for products or services. One of the best platforms that we use for e-commerce is Woocommerce.

You have a new website, do you need SEO?

Great question! Just because you now have a website, it does not mean people are going to come. In our opinion SEO for start-ups is crucial. The best analogy we always use is that it is like having a lovely well-stocked shop in the middle of the desert. People will come if they know it is there, but if no one knows about it, very few will find it and therefore very few will come. To explain further, if someone types in what you do into Google, and your website is not listed on the first page, how do they know your website exists? This is why we would suggest search engine optimisation.

Why do I need website development?

The decision to have a website made for your business is not to be taken lightly. Choosing a website design agency that fits all your criteria is essential for developing the best website to start with and to provide on-going support after it is launched. We know what we can do and want to show you that we are the right fit for your company.

Are iwebsitez.com any good and why choose us?

We think so… and so do a lot of other people. We were established in 2013 and have been going strong ever since. We are a team of professional website designers who specialise in developing websites and are also expert SEO service providers.

Reallistically, how much is a new website going to cost?

A cliched answer I’m afraid. The way we price is on time. According to averages from us and other industry experts, it takes around 50 hours to do a normal sized website properly. Based on that, you know that website developers cost anywhere between £20 – £150 per hour, depending on where you are, this should give you an idea on cost. Try our FREE web design cost calculator for a more accurate quote on your new website.

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Learn how to get the best website design service

With the high demand for new websites, website design services are becoming more and more popular. The question may arise as to why a person wishes to develop or own a website. In any case, a person will not want to spend their hard-earned money aimlessly. There is a purpose behind each activity. If a person intends to have their website, they must have a specific purpose. The client can be a businessman and therefore wishes to spread its activity worldwide. An educational institution may need a website so that all types of admission-related tasks can be done online. Relevant information may also be published online. A website is also an identity. So there may be another question: how is a demand for a website related to the website design service?

If a person wants to own a website, it does not mean that they know the pros and cons of developing a website. It takes technical knowledge and many other skills to create a website. A general person may not have this type of expertise to create a website himself. There is, therefore, a need for design services. To be precise, a professional website design service can provide complete satisfaction to the owner of a website.

As the name suggests, the main objective of a website design service is to create a website for its client and to make sure that it looks like what the client wants it to be. However, services can also provide customers with examples of many designs. One thing that must be ensured is that the appearance of the website must be attractive and relevant to the business in which the client is involved.

Developing a website is not what it will do for a client. Professional design services also bookmark the websites they develop on different social networking sites, send them to different directories, and make the website search engine friendly. All of this contributes to the fact that the website is visible worldwide and ranks higher in the search results. The most important thing about any professional service is that they offer their customers complete packages. Customers can then select one from the containers. This saves time, money, and effort.

As important as a website that is beautiful and relevant to the business or needs, it is also essential to find a professional website design service. Many institutions offer services to their clients. Therefore, you have to be careful when you turn to one of them. The customer should search for different website design service providers or look for comments. This helps the client to make a quick decision.

In summary, website design services are essential these days. However, not all website design service providers are beneficial in website design. It is, therefore, the customer’s duty to find the best service for their needs.

Website design service requirements

Lots of people use website design services without really knowing what to get for their money. So I thought it would be a good idea to check which website service you should offer to see if it is really up to date.

When looking at the home page of the website service, you need to cover all the basics. They should give you a good overview of their services on the home page, and there should also be pages that provide details on how to contact them and in other areas where they may be of use to you as a customer.

The service should allow you to help in many areas. There are the apparent creation and design of websites that they implement for you, from which they can give you from simple one-sided websites to more complex e-commerce websites. And they should also take care of your domain and your hosting needs if you wish. They should also help you manage the content of your website. You can have the basic requirements of what you want on your website and what you want to achieve with your website, but you need someone to come fill in and publish everything for you on the website.

Search engine optimisation is another area that you should find useful. So if you don’t know how to make your website visible to potential customers, this can be a beneficial service for you. Make sure to configure your website for SEO purposes, and they can also provide continuous, expert SEO services to keep your website at the top of the search engine rankings in the coming months.

You also need to have excellent after-sales service so that you don’t stay dry and dry after creating your website, but to make sure that you are delighted with the website and the service it offers.

As mentioned earlier, they should cover all the basics for you and provide you with a practical and affordable solution to the needs of your website. They should be able to provide you with quality service that provides you with a variety of options for your website design and advises and assist you in the creation and production of the website. They should provide you with full and continuous customer service.

Professional website design services.

A company’s website is the primary means of interaction between the organization and different people, including the target audience. At this point, most people who come to your website have an opinion about you. The first impression may not be the last, but it lasts a long time. Therefore, it is essential to get professional website design services so that your website is easily accessible and usable.

For professional website design services, many companies turn to a website design company with expertise in this work. Using a website design company, companies ensure that they meet all the parameters of a well-designed website. What do we mean by well-designed websites? This article explains the various parameters that make a website good.

The first thing to keep in mind is that the website design should be user friendly. This should be done so that the content communicates what it intends to do. The designs and web layout should be designed to highlight the key points effectively. This should not confuse the visitor but should help the visitor to easily and comfortably navigate the website.

Second, the website design services should be tailored to the search engines. If the website is designed to be user-friendly for search engines, the technology used by search engines can effectively analyze the content and purpose of the website and therefore rank higher on the search engine results pages the research. So if you are looking for help from a website design company, make sure that it knows what it is like to make a website design search engine user-friendly and know the best ways to do it.

If you rank better in the search engines, your website will also be easily accessible to your target customers. By making your website design user-friendly and quickly available, you ultimately benefit. When it comes to something as important as your website, you shouldn’t take any chances!