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NitroPack review

By 09/05/2023March 21st, 202410 Comments

NitroPack review: NitroPack is the all-in-one WordPress website speed solution that performs complete site speed optimisation automatically.

Current pricing: £0 – £149 rating: 4-5-star-rating

Expert NitroPack review & analysis

In this NitroPack review 2024, many people want to know how to speed up WordPress for page speed or what is the top speed optimisation plugin to make WordPress load faster.

We have found the best plugin to speed up a WordPress website or any landing page or web page with Other tools of note are WP Rocket, Seraphinite Accelerator, Autoptimize, WP Fastest Cache and W3 Total Cache.

They all help website performance, but which one is best? Let’s find out in this review. NitroPack not only speeds up your site, but It Also comes with all the optimisations built in. NitroPack takes care of everything.

Within the NitroPack dashboard, everything from CSS optimization to HTML optimisation and javascript optimisation, nitropack will automatically do it all for you.

Being a website owner, if you’ve just created your WordPress site, chances are you don’t care or overlook your website loading time.

This is common and often felt earlier in your website journey, but site speed and finding the best cloud-based performance optimization tool will soon become a much bigger issue. nitropack

It turns out that your website’s low pagespeed insights score / google page speed score might be the reason for the lack of traffic, views, and heightened bounce rate, among other issues.

There might be many reasons for a slow website, and numerous solutions exist. So, is there a good WordPress plugin to increase your Google pagespeed score?

We’re very proud to introduce you to NitroPack, a cloud-based performance optimization tool that works with a content delivery network.

NitroPack will help you address this issue, among other things, like core web vitals scores and passing the core web vitals test found in Google Search Console. With this issue resolved, you can expect a fully functioning website with a much better pagespeed score than ever.

So, without further ado, let’s look at & think NitroPack and how it performs.

Web development

If you need a WordPress developer or website designed, please get in touch.

Why is pagespeed important?

Page speed is a crucial aspect of website design and is vital for several reasons. Firstly, it impacts the user experience.

When a website loads quickly, it makes browsing the site a more pleasant experience. They are less likely to get frustrated and leave the site and more likely to engage with the content.

Secondly, page speed is a factor that search engines like Google consider when ranking websites. A faster website will generally rank higher in search results, making it more visible to potential visitors.

Finally, page speed can also directly impact the bottom line. A fast-loading website can increase conversion rates, making users more likely to complete a purchase or sign up for a service. On the other hand, a slow-loading website can discourage users from completing an action, resulting in lost revenue.

In short, page speed is crucial because it can affect user experience, search engine rankings, and conversion rates. A faster website will provide a better user experience, rank higher in search results, and increase conversion rates.

So you can see why WordPress website page speed is essential.

Before I get into the full review of the NitroPack, you must understand precisely why pagespeed is so essential. Firstly, a slow website can cause a very high bounce rate.

If you have a significant bounce rate, viewers aren’t usually on your page long before they leave. This lack of time spent on your website could mean fewer affiliate product purchases, fewer return viewers and an overall lack of content viewers.

Not only will a slow WordPress site and a slow speed score be bad for your viewers, but they’ll also be bad for SEO. Search engine optimization is the most well-known strategy for helping deliver more traffic to your website because your site ranks high in searches. Numerous factors can affect SEO, and a slow website is one of them.

The fact is that Google, Bing or any other search engine you’re trying to rank on may only consider the faster-loading websites to rank at the top.

Try it yourself; test your site speed on pagespeed insights before installing NitroPack, and then test your speed optimization again. The best tools for testing to see if you have a fast website are GT Metrix, Google Pagespeed Insights and Pingdom.

Page Speed Insights is probably the preferred tool as you measure your performance in Google, so you want to know what it measures your site speed at.

gt metrix score after nitropack
google page speed insights after nitropack

Our results with nitropack using GT Metrix and Google Pagespeed score are very pleasing for us and our website visitors. Nitropack is also compatible with CDNs (content delivery networks) too.

Why not try NitroPack for FREE on your website?

What is NitroPack?

Unlike other plugins, NitroPack is a cloud-based service between your host server and your website’s visitors. As a result, the service adds minimal overhead to your servers since NitroPack’s infrastructure performs all heavy optimisations.

For those who don’t know, a plugin is a label given to an additional content source that may benefit you in various ways. A website plugin can be compared to an in-game DLC. It’s not necessary for your game, but it can help and better your performance. nitropack review

When installed, NitroPack will work on numerous different angles to optimise and better improve your website. Unlike any other caching tool, this is done in many ways and will ensure a faster site speed (load time). What makes the NitroPack standout, as reported by other NitroPack users, is the improvement in the core web vitals report, WordPress page speed, success rate cache-hit ratio and reliability.


NitroPack uses various tools and strategies to speed up load time, especially in Google pagespeed insights. This wide array of tools makes NitroPack stand out from the rest, as most other plugins promising excellent load time don’t deliver this. NitroPack is an ageless, reliable tool that consistently evolves and updates, so it stays on track and absolutely must be used if site speed is something you desire.

How does NitroPack work?

  • NitroPack reduces load times, improves PageSpeed scores and boosts real-user metrics like the Core Web Vitals for better results than almost all other caching plugins.
  • NitroPack doesn’t require any coding or technical skills. You can set it up in less than five minutes and see an instant page speed test result. The service automatically optimises your website’s pages, including optimising for the largest contentful paint, which is desirable nowadays.
  • If you have a WordPress, OpenCart or Magento website, you can install NitroPack via a connector (or extension). These connectors make setting up NitroPack on one of these supported platforms easy. Just follow the instructions from NitroPack’s Help Center, and you should be done in no time.
  • NitroPack also has a PHP SDK and API to integrate with other websites. Make sure to go over their documentation with your developer.
  • Unlike other plugins, NitroPack is a cloud-based service between your host server and your website’s visitors. As a result, the service adds minimal overhead to your servers since NitroPack’s infrastructure performs all heavy optimizations. Also, NitroPack makes light work of javascript optimisation for better website performance optimisation.

NitroPack presets

  • To simplify things, NitroPack has four preset optimization modes – Standard, Medium, Strong and Ludicrous (the default).
  • Each preset mode applies a different combination of features. Most websites use either the Strong or Ludicrous modes. The most significant difference is that the Ludicrous mode delays JS scripts and prioritizes the HTML and CSS. This behaviour can improve the user experience since it helps browsers load content faster. However, the Ludicrous mode might be suboptimal for some JavaScript-heavy websites. The presets make using NitroPack much easier. You don’t have to worry about hundreds of speed settings.
  • There’s also Manual Mode for those who want to tweak and customize NitroPack to your needs. It lets you change many advanced settings related to image optimization, Critical CSS, resource loading and more.

Nitropack includes these features.

  • Advanced Caching Mechanism. NitroPack offers all the basic caching functionalities that you need. For example, you can set cache expiration time and a validation period for stale responses. The service also creates separate cache files for desktop, mobile and tablet. In terms of advanced features, NitroPack offers Cache Invalidation and Cache Warmup, which help the service (1) detect changes on your website automatically, (2) mark old representations as stale, and (3) create new cache files. All of this happens automatically and in the background. You don’t need to do anything except turn on Cache Warmup.
  • Built-in CDN. NitroPack uses Cloudflare CDN. It works automatically once you set up NitroPack.
  • Complete Image Optimization. NitroPack uses lossy compression to reduce image file size. It also converts all images to WebP while keeping the original format as a backup for browsers that don’t support WebP. Features like Preemptive Image Sizing and Adaptive Image Sizing help browsers allocate the correct space for each image. Again, all image optimization features are enabled by default and included in the price.
  • Standard Optimization Techniques. By default, NitroPack applies many proven best practices for speed optimization, such as code compression and minification, lazy loading for images, videos, and iFrames, and more.
  • Proprietary Resource Loader. JavaScript execution and many resources per page are two of the modern web’s biggest speed problems. Both take CPU cycles away from the main thread, hindering the rendering process. NitroPack doesn’t use built-in-browser techniques to solve these issues. Instead, it uses a special resource loader, rearranging how resources are fed to the main thread. The service also preloads lots of assets. This takes advantage of the modern CPU’s multi-core nature by offloading tasks away from the main thread.
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Other tools to consider are WP Rocket & Seraphinite Accelerator

Attributes of NitroPack


TypePerformance optimization plugin
Best forImprove Google pagespeed
FeaturesGoogle-PageSpeed focussed optimisation
JavaScript compression
CSS modification
Amazon CloudFront integration
Starting price£16/month
CompetitorsWP Rocket
WP Fastest Cache
Litespeed Cache

More NitroPack features

  • HTML compression & minification
  • CSS compression & minification
  • JS compression & minification
  • Code minification
  • Faster painting
  • PageSpeed optimization
  • Browser-aware caching
  • Image Lazy Loading

New feature – Font Subsetting

Our Font Subsetting feature is now available for all users on a Scale plan.

Fonts are crucial to any website, but they’re often overlooked when optimising performance. Our latest feature lets you optimize your font files for a better user experience.

In this article, we’ll explain the impact of fonts on web performance, how our Font Subsetting feature works, and how you can test it on your website.

The Impact of Fonts on Web Performance According to the Web Almanac, 80% of desktop and mobile web pages use web fonts. These fonts are often linked in external stylesheets or HTML markups. By default, CSS files are “render-blocking” resources, which slow down the browser’s main thread and content visualization. Unoptimized font files can result in poor scores, a bad user experience, and increased bounce rates.

How the Font Subsetting Feature Works When font subsetting is enabled, NitroPack creates a smaller version of the original font file by removing unused glyphs. This process reduces the font’s size; sometimes, it can be inlined in the HTML markup for faster loading times.

Benefits of the font subsetting feature

  1. No more Flash of Unstyled Text (FOUT)
  2. Fewer network requests
  3. Better user experience and perceived performance

How to Test Font Subsetting on Your Website

We encourage you to test this feature before enabling it. To do so, use NitroPack’s Safe mode. Go to the Settings panel, enable Safe mode, and toggle on the “Font Subsetting” option in the Fonts settings. Save your changes and test the feature by adding “?testnitro=1” URLs to your pages.

We hope this feature will help you improve the performance of your website even more. If you have any questions, please get in touch with Nitropack support.

New feature – Adaptive Image Sizing

Do you want to enhance your website’s speed and user experience? Then, you need to pay attention to the images you use. Unoptimized images can slow down your website and frustrate your visitors. But with NitroPack’s new Adaptive Image Sizing, you can now serve high-quality images without sacrificing performance.

What is adaptive image sizing?

Adaptive Image Sizing is an innovative optimization technique that resizes images to match the containers’ dimensions on different devices, such as desktops, mobiles, and tablets. This ensures your images fit perfectly, reducing data usage and loading time.

Better than other image optimization plugins

NitroPack’s Adaptive Image Sizing is more refined than other image optimization plugins like “srcset” in WordPress. Our approach is simple: We optimize the images only once and cache the results. This way, you can serve your visitors as they request without optimising the images every time.

Optimisation coverage

Adaptive Image Sizing works with all standard images identified by a markup element in HTML, including above and below-the-fold images, carousels, sliders, galleries, and more. Our product team is also optimising coverage for background images and other improvements.

How does it work?

Adaptive Image Sizing is a two-step process:

  1. Evaluate Page: We use a headless browser to render a web page and identify the dimensions of the containers in the images that should appear. We crawl all page layouts only once and cache the results.
  2. Resize Images: We then rescale all images to fit the dimensions of the containers they appear in and rename the image’s file name with optimized dimensions.

Check if adaptive image sizing is working

Inspect the images on your website to check if Adaptive Image Sizing is working. Ideally, the images should match the dimensions of their containers perfectly, and the file size should reflect this.

Perfect page experience

Adaptive Image Sizing is a small optimization step that can significantly impact your website. It is fully automated, so you don’t have to do anything. This feature is perfect for eCommerce websites, media outlets, digital publishing, and digital creators with image-heavy blogs.

Get started with adaptive image sizing

Adaptive Image Sizing is available through NitroPack’s Growth and Scale Plan. To access this feature, you must sign up or upgrade to either of the two paid subscriptions. To enable Adaptive Image Sizing, navigate to the NitroPack Dashboard, open Settings > Images, and use the toggle button to activate it.

Installation & setup instructions

Upon installation of NitroPack, you can expect an overall higher website success rate in all areas to follow shortly after. This is all down to the increase in site speed stated earlier.

  1. Create a NitroPack account.
  2. Install for FREE on your WordPress website.
  3. Go to your NitroPack Account Dashboard > Connect your website, copy the Site ID and Site Secret, and paste them to the relevant places inside your WordPress website.
  4. Go to Nitro Dashboard > Settings and set Ludicrous mode.
  5. Go to Nitro Dashboard > Cache warmup and paste your sitemap URL.
  6. Done – Sit back and wait for around an hour and enjoy. No complicated settings, no fuss, only a lightning-fast WordPress website.

Nitropack pricing

NitroPack offers four different categories that get more expensive as you move up the ladder. Drag the slider across to see pricing for the different plans.

nitropack pricing monthly nitropack pricing yearly/annually

All the NitroPack pricing plans have the option to pay annually, but in the annual plans, you get 2 months of NitroPack for free, and their customer support via their tech team is impressive for you or your client websites.

Try NitroPack

NitroPack with ad scripts

Many websites online say that NitroPack strips the ad code from the scripts and does not show a Google ad or any other Adsense-type ads.

We spoke to NitroPack & ads are supported!

Ad scripts are excluded from NitroPack’s optimization process by default. These exclusions apply to multiple ad providers/companies: Google, Amazon, AdThrive, and Mediavine. The ad scripts from these properties can be identified.

Ezoic ads, on the other hand, use a different approach to their ad scripts, and their scripts cannot be easily identified. This is why the only currently supported way to use ads with Ezoic + NitroPack is to integrate via Ezoic’s plugin. Otherwise, there will be issues, and ads will likely not work.

There is also an option to allow NitroPack to optimise the ad scripts for Google, Amazon, AdThrive and Mediavine. However, this option may not work in all cases due to how ads work. We have many clients using it. However, it is not stable enough yet to allow us to enable it globally. The best way would be to test this option personally on a site-by-site basis.

There is also a third use case—ad scripts loaded via Google tag manager. When ads are loaded via tag manager, NitroPack has no way to detect that. All we can see is that the tag manager is being loaded but not the subsequent scripts.

This is when issues may arise because the default excludes ad scripts that no longer work. When this happens, the ad scripts will behave as described in the previous section – ads will work in some cases and not others.

This is why we always suggest ensuring that ad scripts are embedded in your pages’ HTML code instead of loading them through Tag Manager.

If that is the case, that your ads are being affected, NitroPack’s support team is available to look into those and find a workaround if any scripts are affected, so don’t worry.

Search Engine Optimisation

If you need an SEO agency to rank higher on google, please get in touch.

Coupon code

With this coupon, you will receive a 10% discount forever on NitroPack.


  1. Simply click the big green button, and it will open NitroPack in a new tab.
  2. On the iwebsitez tab, the coupon code will be highlighted, right-click
    and copy the code, and apply it on the NitroPack tab at checkout.

Voila! Enjoy your 10% discount!


  • Predictable pricing. All features are included in the plans, so there’s no need to worry about hidden costs or additional plugins
  • Simple to install & setup
  • Easy to manage
  • Easy to flush the cache for individual pages
  • Reduces quite a lot in most cases the number of requests
  • Amazing results after installation
  • High-quality support


  • Can affect ad scripts, but can be overcome 😊
  • Can take a little time to show changes
  • Database optimization can be tricky
  • Doesn’t work on all websites. For example, if you have a Shopify or Squarespace site, you can’t use NitroPack (yet)
  • The Ludicrous mode can be too much for some JavaScript-heavy websites.

NitroPack competitors & alternatives

As discussed earlier, a NitroPack alternative is either manually implementing performance optimizations yourself by hiring a performance expert or using a combination of plugins that offer something similar to NitroPack.

If you go the DIY/hire an expert route, this will require a significant time and money investment. If you go the multiple plugins route, you will need, at the very least, a separate caching plugin, image optimization plugin and a CDN provider that you or an expert have to set up and configure to work together.

  • Some popular caching plugins are Seraphinite Accelerator, WP Rocket, W3 Total Cache, and WP Fastest Cache.
  • Some popular image optimization plugins are Smush, ShortPixel, and EWWW Image Optimizer.
  • In either case, you should invest significantly more time and money than using NitroPack, which is affordable and incredibly easy to set up, even if you don’t have severe technical or development skills.


Key points:

  • If you profit from your website, you should consider investing in a top-notch performance tool. NitroPack is that tool.
  • NitroPack is an all-in-one speed optimization solution. It has everything you need for a fast website in one place and is dead simple to set up.
  • With the NitroPack performance rate, all speed features are bundled into the product and price. There is no need for other add-ons or third-party plugins.
  • The price tag might seem excessive if you don’t profit from your website. However, NitroPack offers a Free Plan with generous features to accommodate small and non-income-generating sites for free. However, you will have the NitroPack badge on your site.

Nitropack is a must-purchase to maintain or build a website with fast page load times. It can help generate more leads and purchases alongside a more significant viewership and will undoubtedly encourage online success.

So, if you’re searching for the best tool to speed up WordPress, or perhaps you want more online recognition, I think it’s safe to say that NitroPack is a fantastic tool to speed up your website! Try NitroPack today.

Please share this blog post on your website or social media channels to alert people on how to speed up WordPress and to grab the 10% off for life coupon.

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Similar speed optimization tools

Please also see our take on WP Rocket & Seraphinite Accelerator


Speed up your website


Frequently asked questions

What is NitroPack?

In this NitroPack review, we have found that NitroPack is a website performance, caching system and cloud-based optimisation solution. Therefore, the magic is not performed on your website.
NitroPack outperforms other caching plugins that we have tested. This will improve your core web vitals (web vitals metrics… search console), code optimization, code modification, image compression, page size, website performance, browser caching, page caching, conversion rates and search engine rankings.

Is NitroPack SEO friendly?

According to reports, NitroPack increases website speed by over 50% on average, rendering it quicker and more Google- and SEO-friendly. Page load times are a ranking factor and must be considered if the website is slow loading and falling down the search rankings.

Does NitroPack minify code?

Yes. NitroPack can modify code, HTML minification, CSS minification and JS minification, among other caching features for optimized pages.

Does NitroPack really work?

Yes, it works brilliantly, helping speed up websites and website performance. It can improve website speed, even on average servers to under 2 seconds, to load all resources fully. This NitroPack review shows before and after real-world results.

Will NitroPack work with any WordPress theme?

Yes. If you use NitroPack, it is designed to work with any WordPress theme. If any errors occur, our support team is quick to respond and will fix any issues you may have. Support is limited, though, for the free version, which is why for the best performance optimization, we suggest buying one of the paid versions.

Does NitroPack speed up Woocommerce sites?

Yes, if you use NitroPack for WordPress WooCommerce stores, it can have a dramatic effect. The NitroPack caching system combines perfectly with WC and improves critical CSS. It is highly recommended that you use NitroPack for e-commerce/Woocommerce. This is better for Google’s eyes for SEO, user experience, and website performance, which will help your conversion rate.

Does NitroPack optimize images?

Yes. Their image optimisation is clever, includes adaptive image sizing, and pushes the website performance up. See below what it does for image optimization, including lazy loading and other media.

  • Automatically converts images from .png and .jpg to WebP (WebP is faster for web browsing)
  • Lazy load of images (including CSS background images)
  • Lazy loading of iframes
  • Image previews for a YouTube and Vimeo embed

Does the NitroPack plugin help with WordPress site speed optimisation?

Yes, absolutely. It is probably the best WordPress caching plugin on the market and does help slow-loading websites along with core web vitals metrics. It does not matter if your site is on cPanel hosting, managed WordPress hosting, or on your server. The NitroPack plugin helps WordPress.

Is NitroPack cheating?

No, Nitropack is not cheating or fake. This is what NitroPack themselves say. “No, NitroPack doesn’t cheat page speed tools, Google pagespeed insights or website speed in any way. Our users care about real-world performance more than anything else. That’s why cheating a few testing tools would make no sense to us. NitroPack was recognized as the leading site speed solution in the first global Core Web Vitals report.”

Some of our posts contain affiliate links. That means if you buy something after clicking a link we may receive commission at no extra cost to you. Thank you for supporting our site!

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  • Samuel says:

    I purchased using your coupon. Thank you so much I got a great deal!!! Keep up the good work guys.

  • Sian N says:

    Because of your write up on NitroPack I bought this for my site and all I can say is…… WOW! Thank you, this has been a big relief and a load off my mind before Christmas. Lockdown has made me trawl the net looking for a WordPress page speed solution. This does exactly what you said it would.

  • Nick S says:

    Thank you iwebsitez, because of your assessment of NitroPack, I bought it and it has changed my site completely. My wp load time was 7 seconds and after it is now 0.9 seconds. Usually, when you read articles like this you know the site is promoting the product and I know that you are promoting it but when it actually does do what you say it does, that makes a big difference.

    I found the other articles about Nitropack vague and all saying the same old same old, so I felt compelled to leave a comment saying thank you as reading this post has positively affected my website in a big way.

    • says:

      Thanks, Nick, we are thrilled our NitroPack evaluation has helped you and we love to hear success stories like yours. Yes, we make a coffee out of it but if we can help make 0.00001% of the internet a faster and better place, then we are happy!

  • Sean says:

    I was using WP Rocket and I measured my site with pagespeed insights and it showed a load time of 3.2 seconds. I read your comprehensive review and purchased it. I did the settings you advised, checked back in an hour on pagespeed insights and I was astonished! I use amazon CloudFront too and the caching mechanism nitropack uses must be so clever because my load times were down to 1.1 seconds. I especially like the cache warmup feature, but with all my other test results, the browsing experience is a first-class now. The speed optimisation on my site now is like it is on a dedicated server with tons of ram.

    I never leave reviews for sites I find software on, but for this find and what it has done for my business, I am truly grateful.

    • says:

      Wow, amazing result Sean. Thank you for your kind words and detailed description, I am sure the other readers will appreciate your thoughts.

  • Scott W says:

    Thank you iwebsitez for this in-depth NitroPack review!!!!!! This has really saved my bacon. Because of your coupon and review, it made me buy NitroPack and it is now loading in under a second. This has helped user experience and people bouncing from my site. I don’t normally leave reviews but this time I felt compelled to.

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      Ah that’s great Scott. So pleased we helped you speed up your site. It makes for a better internet if all sites are quick and we are helping people 1 site at a time! 💪

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