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NitroPack review + coupon

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NitroPack WordPress speed plugin in detail

We have been asked by many people to do a NitroPack review, we have been asked because people want to know how to speed up WordPress websites or are there any plugins to speed up a WordPress site. We think we have found the best plugin to speed up a WordPress website with

If you’ve just created your WordPress website, chances are you don’t care or didn’t notice your website loading times. This is a very common often felt earlier on in your website journey, but this will soon become a much bigger issue.nitropack

It turns out, your websites slow speed might be the reason for the lack of interaction, lack of views and your heightened bounce rate among other issues.

There might be many reasons for a slow website and there are numerous solutions out there. With that being said, I’m very proud to introduce you to a product known as NitroPack!

NitroPack will effectively help you take care of this issue among other things. With this issue taken care of, you can expect a fully functioning website with a much higher success rate than ever before but you need more details than this. So, without further ado, let’s review NitroPack and see how it can help to speed up WordPress for you.

Why is website speed important?

Before I get into the full review on the NitroPack, you must understand precisely why website speed is so important. Firstly, a slow website can cause a very high bounce rate. Your websites bounce rate is a reference to the average overall time spent on your page from each viewer.

If you have a high bounce rate, this means viewers aren’t usually on your page long before they leave. This lack of time spent on your website could mean for less affiliate product purchases, fewer return viewers and an overall lack of content viewers.

Not only is a slow website bad for your viewers, but it’s also bad for your SEO. SEO – (search engine optimisation) is the most well-known strategy commonly utilised to help deliver website content to the web. Numerous factors can affect your SEO score and a slow website is one of them. The fact of the matter is, Google, Bing or any other search engine you’re trying to rank on will only want the faster loading websites to rank at the top.

Try it yourself, test your website speed before you install NitroPack and after. The 2 best tools for testing the speed of your website are GT Metrix and Pingdom.

GT Metrix result for

Our NitroPack results with GT Metrix are very pleasing for us and our website visitors.

Why not try NitroPack for FREE on your website?

What is NitroPack?

NitroPack is a plugin that can be utilised on almost any website but is best utilised on WordPress. For those of you who don’t know, a plugin is a label given to an additional source of content that may benefit you in a variety of ways. A website plugin can be compared to an in-game DLC, it’s not necessary for your game but it can help and better your performance.

When installed, NitroPack will work on numerous different angles to optimise and better improve your website. This is done through a multitude of different ways and will ensure a faster site speed, unlike any other plugin. What makes the NitroPack stand out from the rest, is not only its success rate but its cache-hit ratio and reliability.

The NitroPack utilises a wide array of different tools and strategies to speed up your website. This wide array of tools that are utilise make this plugin stand out from the rest as most other plugins promising excellent website speed simply don’t deliver this. NitroPack is an ageless, reliable tool that is consistently evolving and updating so it stays on track and absolutely must be used if website speed is something you desire.

NitroPack – key features

This outstanding plugin comes equipped with numerous features that will only benefit you and your website. One of its most popular features has to be its compatibility. This convenient feature ensures compatibility with every device you can think of. This is extremely important as this means no matter what device your website is viewed from, your websites speed will be optimised ensuring an unlimited device flexibility.

Another extremely popular benefit to this plugin is its ease of use. When first beginning your online business, monetising your website alongside all the optional aspects that accompany this can get very confusing, especially if you’re using WordPress. This is another aspect that makes this plugin extremely convenient. It’s very easy to install and even easier to set up, once these aspects are done, this plugin will do the rest.

If you’ve joined the online world to set up your very own e-commerce store, I’m very pleased to inform you that the NitroPack is compatible with all e-commerce stores. Another key feature that stands out, due to the e-commerce’s altered compatibility with numerous plugins, many might understandably think that NitroPack simply isn’t compatible, this couldn’t be more wrong.

Additional key features

  • HTML compression & minification
  • CSS compression & minification
  • JS compression & minification
  • Faster painting
  • PageSpeed optimisation
  • Browser-aware caching
  • Image Lazy Loading

Installation & setup instructions

Upon installation of NitroPack, you can expect an overall higher website success rate in all areas to follow shortly after, this is all down to the increase in website speed which was stated earlier.

  1. Create an account at
  2. Install the FREE plugin on your WordPress website
  3. Go to Dashboard > Connect your website and copy the Site ID and Site Secret and paste them to the relevant places inside your WordPress website.
  4. Go to Dashboard > Settings and set for Ludicrous mode
  5. Go to Dashboard > Cache warmup on and paste your sitemap URL
  6. Done – Sit back and wait for around an hour and enjoy. No complicated settings, no fuss, only a lightning-fast WordPress website.

Nitropack pricing

NitroPack offers four different categories that get more expensive as you move up the ladder.

1. Free

The first is free and no payment is required for installation and utilisation. As you can imagine, the free option accompanies only a small handful of benefits and will not benefit you anywhere near as much as the paid options will.

Try for FREE
2. Lite

The next level which is the first paid option is labelled as Lite and charges $29 per month or $228 a year. This option offers every benefit associated with the free version alongside additional benefits that will further help improve your website. This is the most used and common version and in our opinion is a fantastic value.

Buy Lite now
3. Regular

Moving on, the next level known as Regular offers every benefit that accompanies the free and lite version with even more benefits, hence the bigger expense. The regular version charges $49 per month or $468 yearly, which as you can tell is a little more expensive than the Lite.

Buy Regular now
4. Plus

Last but most certainly not least is the Plus version. This version offers every key feature and benefit listed and found in all the previous versions alongside numerous more benefits. By going with this option, you can expect to be set back around $199 per month or $1908 a year. You will be having a very large website if this is the option for you.

Buy Plus now

All plans have an option to pay annually, thus saving you some money.

NitroPack coupon code

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  • Price is affordable
  • Simple to install & setup
  • Easy to manage
  • Easy to flush the cache for individual pages
  • Reduces quite a lot in most cases the number of requests
  • Amazing results after installation


  • Can affect ad scripts, but can be overcome 😊
  • Can take a little time to show changes
  • Database optimisation can be tricky

NitroPack FAQ

What is NitroPack?

NitroPack is a website performance, caching and optimisation solution that is cloud-based, therefore the magic is not performed on your website.

Is NitroPack SEO friendly?

According to reports, NitroPack increases website speed on average by over 50%, rendering it quicker and therefore making it more Google and SEO friendly.

Is NitroPack compatible with WordPress?

NitroPack is a cross-platform cloud-based tool but yes, has its own WordPress plugin too.

Does NitroPack really work?

Yes, it really does work helping to speed up websites. It has the capabilities to improve website speed even on average servers to under 2 seconds, to fully load all resources.

Final thoughts

This plugin is a must purchase if you’re looking to maintain and build a website. It can help generate more leads and purchases alongside a bigger viewership and will without a doubt encourage online success.

If you want to get a feel for the plugin and experience a small taste of what it has to offer, you can go with the free version. The free version will help improve your website in small increments and will also help you decide on whether or not a paid option is something you want to go with.

This plugin accompanies a long list of features and benefits that will only help you improve, grow and obtain a more successful future in your online business.

So, if you’re searching for the best plugin to speed up WordPress, or perhaps you simply want more online recognition, I think it’s safe to say NitroPack’s WordPress plugin is for you!

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