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Salient theme review

Salient theme review: Salient is a multi-purpose WordPress theme that is largely considered to be one of the best, if not THE best WordPress themes out there.

Current pricing: £44 rating: 4-5-star-rating

Salient WordPress theme overview

Years ago you needed to have great coding and website design skills, to come up with a professional-looking website. Even with those skills, it would take days to finalise creating a website.

However, things have changed considerably over the last few years, thanks to the development of WordPress themes and plugins.

Today, you don’t need to have too many coding skills to develop a decent website as you can create a fully functioning website, using WordPress themes and plugins. With WordPress themes and WordPress plugins, you can create almost any type of website and the Salient theme is certainly no exception.

In this Salient Theme review, we will take a closer look at its key features, its benefits over other WordPress themes on the market, its ease of implementation, the type of websites it’s designed for, its pros and cons as well as its support.

By the time you finish reading this review, you will have all the information you need, to decide whether it’s the best WordPress theme for your website.

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About the Salient theme

Salient is a multi-purpose WordPress theme, which offers a wide range of responsive layouts. It’s designed for all types of websites, from technology to fashion, and e-commerce to personal blogs that make money online. It features a powerful admin panel, which makes it easy for the user to manage the theme.

The Salient WordPress theme also comes with a great page builder. With this page builder, you can easily design your website pages, thanks to its drag-and-drop functionality.

This multipurpose WordPress theme is fully mobile responsive as well as SEO-friendly. With close to 130,000 sales and an average customer review of 4.8 out of 5, it’s without a doubt that the Salient theme is one of the best WordPress themes out there.

salient wordpress theme features

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Salient theme key features

By now, you already have an idea of what this Salient theme is all about. So, what are its key features? Well, this responsive multipurpose WordPress theme comes loaded with a wide range of great features.

Furthermore, its development team is constantly working towards enhancing its design and features, among others. With that said, let’s take a closer look at its key features.

Demos and templates

This multipurpose WordPress theme comes with over 330 template collections. With such a vast collection of free designs, you can create a wide range of professional-looking websites and blogs.

Also, these templates and demos allow you to test how your website will look after using this theme. So, if it matches your expectations, you can then go ahead to purchase premium themes.

It’s also worth mentioning that all the templates and demos that come with the Salient WordPress theme are fully customizable. Hence, you can customize them according to how you would like your website to appear.

The Salient WordPress theme features different demos, which have been divided into various categories. They include a blog, business, portfolio, one page, e-commerce, and business, just to name a few.

And under each demo category, you have different design variations to choose from, depending on the type of WordPress site you are designing. To use these demos and templates, you simply need to import them to your website and play around with them.


As you may expect, a theme’s performance has a vital role when it comes to a website’s success. For instance, if the theme used in a website performs poorly then that website will struggle to retain visitors, leading to a high bounce rate. On the other hand, if a theme performs exceptionally well, the visitor will stay longer on the website. And this translates to a low bounce rate, leading to high search engine rankings.

Fortunately, this multipurpose WordPress theme is fully optimized and responsive. When you use this theme to design your website, you are assured of top-notch responsiveness, high speeds, and outstanding performances.

Another impressive feature of the Salient WordPress theme is that it’s SEO-friendly. Also, it’s fully compliant with SEO standards. It features the right headings structure and other elements, making it compatible with all popular browsers. It’s also compatible with mobile devices.

Hence, whether you open a Salient theme-designed website on Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari or any other mainstream browser, there will be no display or performance issues.

WooCommerce compatibility

Another great feature of this creative theme is that it’s compatible with WooCommerce – which is one of the best e-commerce plugins. It also comes with several e-commerce templates and demo sites. With the Salient theme, you can quickly and easily design a WooCommerce store, which you can then use to sell your products online.

Plugins compatibility

A theme’s compatibility with plugins will determine how much you can extend your website’s functionality. Fortunately, this theme is compatible with almost all the popular WordPress plugins.

Shortcodes generator

While this responsive multipurpose theme will help you to design a website without any coding skills, you may sometimes want to use shortcodes, especially if you are an advanced designer. Fortunately, the Salient WordPress theme has already taken care of that.

It comes with more than 500 shortcodes as well as various other options, which will make it easy to manage content on your site. Simply put, it caters to all levels of users, whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced WordPress developer.

Page builder

A page builder is, without a doubt, one of the most important features of a theme. It determines the ease with which you will design the website. The Salient WordPress theme comes with a customized version of the renowned WPBakery page builder, which you can use to design and manage pages, using its drag-and-drop functionality.

Hence, if the available templates and website demos fail to meet your expectations, you can simply create your own webpage from scratch, using this easy-to-use page builder. It’s equipped with almost everything that you may need to design a web page.

An impressive theme options panel

This WordPress theme sports an impressive theme options panel, with almost everything that you will need to power up your website. For instance, you can customize things like the footer area, header, favicon, as well as navigation, just to name a few.

Additional features

Apart from the above key features, the Salient WordPress theme also comes with plenty of other impressive features. These extra features are designed to enhance the theme’s functionality. They include:


Sliders provide a powerful means of capturing a visitor’s attention and retaining them on your website. And, the Salient WordPress theme also comes with some outstanding sliders. These sliders come with features such as photo and video support, as well as parallax scrolling.

Also, this responsive multipurpose WordPress them also features subtle, stylish animation and transition effects, which will go a long way in enhancing the browsing experience.

Blog layouts

If you are looking to design a blog for your website, then the Salient WordPress has got you covered. It comes with more than six blog page styles, featuring both minimal and classic styles.

Other available blog layouts that the Salient WordPress theme comes with include material masonry, auto masonry, masonry enhanced, as well as left-aligned image list, among others.

These blog layouts also feature split line headings, animated titles, as well as gradient texts, just to name a few.

Single post layouts

The Salient theme gives you an option of choosing from three different single post headers, depending on your site’s niche. You also have the option of switching between these three layouts.

Page transitions

If you decide to use this theme to design your website, you will have plenty of page transitions to choose from, depending on your preferences. Better yet, these transitions are all responsive, meaning they will deliver a pleasant and seamless user experience.


Colour combinations play a vital role in enhancing a theme’s aesthetics. Fortunately, the Salient WordPress theme features limitless colours and colour combinations. Hence, you can play around with the colours as much as you want and then choose a combination that aligns best with your preferences and site niche.


The Salient theme comes with four symbol packs as well as over 3500 symbols. Whether you are designing a website or blog, you can use these symbols in call-to-action buttons and menu bars, among other areas.


This WordPress theme comes with a vast collection of approximately 800 different fonts. It also features several options for things like links, header tags as well as texts, meaning you can customize your website as much as possible.

Ease of implementation

As mentioned earlier, the Salient WordPress theme is user-friendly, regardless of your level. Whether you are designing your first WordPress website or you’ve been creating WordPress websites for years, you will not experience any issues using this theme. It’s one of the most user-friendly WordPress themes.

Salient theme support and documentation

The Salient Theme comes with adequate support, to help you overcome any issues that you may encounter along the way.

First, it’s well documented, thus making it easy to follow the instructions when setting up a WordPress website by yourself. Also, the documentation has been done in such a way that you can find almost any answer you are looking for, related to setting up a website using this theme.

It also comes with a handy guide, which explains in detail how to change various aspects of your website, so that it can feel and look the way you desire. Furthermore, the team behind this theme has always ensured that the documentation is up-to-date or whenever they add a new feature.

And once you purchase the premium version of this theme, you will get technical support and assistance all the way. Whether you need help setting up a website or you have encountered an issue, you simply need to contact the customer support team and they will attend to your issue right away.

You will get free theme support for the first six months after purchasing it. Also, you can opt to extend the support for six more months, by simply paying an extra £15.

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Benefits of Salient over other themes

When it comes to choosing a WordPress theme, you have plenty of options in the market to choose from, depending on the type of site that you are building. So, what sets the Salient theme apart from the rest?

First, it’s extremely user-friendly. If you’ve never created a website before using WordPress templates, then you will not experience any issues when using this theme. It’s a great theme for beginners since it comes with plenty of templates and demos that can help you to get started.

Without even writing a single line of code or learning basic programming, you can easily create a professional-looking website or blog, which is fully functional. And even better, you get to customize almost all aspects of the site, to match your preferences.

Second, it uses a visual composer to create pages and posts on WordPress. The Salient visual composer is intuitive, making it easy to build visually-appealing, responsive and professional-looking websites. So, if you would prefer to build your website from scratch, then the Salient visual composer will provide you with all the tools to do that efficiently and easily.

Third, it’s feature-packed. The Salient WordPress theme comes loaded with great features, which you may not find elsewhere. And for the other themes that come with such features, it’s highly likely you will have to purchase the premium package before you will have access to such features. But with the Salient theme, most of these features are available at the basic level.

Fourth, you will enjoy great support with the Salient theme. As opposed to the handy guide, you will also enjoy up to six months of customer support when you purchase this theme.

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Types of websites you can use Salient for

As earlier mentioned, the Salient theme is a multipurpose theme. And this means that you can use it to create almost any type of WordPress-powered website. Some of the websites that you can build using theme include:

  • Corporate websites
  • E-commerce sites
  • Portfolios
  • Personal blogs
  • News websites
  • Niche sites


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  • Packed with a wide array of features
  • Extremely user friendly
  • Lifetime updates
  • Highly responsive
  • WooCommerce integration
  • Highly creative


  • Free customer support ends after six months

Salient pricing

Salient is priced at £44 + VAT or $60 + tax. Amazing value.

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Salient FAQ

Is Salient a fast WordPress theme?

We would say Salient is not slow, but it is definitely not the fastest. It is above average for page speed times. However, combining Salient with NitroPack dramatically speeds things up. You can read our full review on NitroPack here.

Can you use Elementor with Salient?

In a word, no. Salient comes pre-packaged with its own version of WP Bakery (Visual Composer), which we have to say is excellent. WP Bakery was one of the first page builders and is still strong. It is not quite as popular or versatile as Elementor, but it still is a very robust WordPress page builder that has and will keep improving.

Having said this, Salient is an absolutely killer responsive multi-purpose theme!

Is the Salient theme good for any business niche?

Yes absolutely, Salient is so adaptive that it can literally be used for any type of business or niche. From online professionals, ecommerce and all residential or commercial businesses. Salient is perfect and can be adapted for anything, the only limitation is your mind, not this theme.

Is Salient good for ecommerce?

Yes, Salients WooCommerce integration is marvellous and helps to make your ecommerce store look sleek, professional, pragmatic and user friendly.

Is Salient a free WordPress theme?

No, it is a premium WordPress theme that is worth every penny and more. If you buy this theme, you will not need any other WordPress template ever again. Theme Nectar update it very often and come out with new blocks and pages at least 4 times a year, so this will be the last theme you ever buy. You can grab this theme here.

Is Salient a creative theme?

Yes very much so. Salient is labelled as a multipurpose theme which does tend to confuse some people, having said that it is very stylish and probably one of the best premium WordPress themes there is. Salient is highly creative and very easy to use thanks to the pre-built block builder which is included.

Does Salient have a header and footer builder?

No. This is maybe one of the very few things that are missing from Salient. We have suggested adding this to Theme Nectar to get this put in place as in our opinion, this is essential. Theme Nectar are usually very proactive in responding to theme additions.

What is missing or needs to be added to the Salient theme?

Great question. As mentioned in the last Q&A, we will also list a few more things that we feel Salient lacks or needs to be added. So here goes, in no particular order:

  • Tooltips options for menu, pricing and/or anywhere on the site
  • Pricing switcher for tables to show monthly or yearly etc
  • Header and footer builder for Salients Visual Composer (WP Bakery)
  • More customising options for the header, which may relate to the above
  • Faster loading to compete with Astra or Kadence themes
  • Breadcrumb options automatically on pages and posts, not just on Woocommerce
  • An easier way to customise the layout of the blog header and blog post headers

Is the Salient theme good for SEO?

Yes, Salient is a multipurpose SEO-optimised WordPress theme that is well known for being a high-quality, top-level theme without too many WordPress plugins.

Having a well SEO optimised theme is of course important, it needs to load quite quickly, have not too much junk code, have a lazyload function for images, not be bloated by too much Javascript (JS) or Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and obviously be quite attractive to look at. Salient satisfies on all levels.

As we mentioned before though, it is not the quickest but it does ok. If you are looking to speed up the Salient theme or any theme, please have a look at our review of NitroPack or WP Rocket.

Is our Salient wordpress theme review biassed?

No, absolutely not. We work with a lot of themes/templates and we have found Salient to be up there with the absolute best multipurpose WordPress themes. Salient does not have confusing theme options, too many plugins, or a confusing interface, it is almost the perfect responsive multi purpose theme.

Isn't WP Bakery old hat now?

Absolutely not no. The Salient Visual Composer or WPBakery page builder is very intuitive, slick and always works well with no bugs at all. We have come across other WordPress themes that use wpbakery and half of the features are buggy, do not work or have severe responsive problems.

Salient videos

Salient overview from Theme Nectar.

Here is a very useful Salient theme tutorial.


Salient is, without a doubt, one of the best multipurpose WordPress themes. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced website builder, the Salient WordPress theme gives you all the tools you will need to come up with a professional-looking website.

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