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FREE QR code generator

Check out our 100% free QR code generating tool, the simplest way to get your website QR code with no hassle.


  1. Insert your URL
  2. Right-click on the code & save or drag on to your desktop. For mobiles, hold your finger on the code and click save.
  3. Done 🔥!

Notes: Our simple QR code generator only delivers a size of 200px x 200px in .png format.

Our FREE QR code generator

What are QR codes?

A QR code generator is a software or online tool that allows you to create Quick Response (QR) codes. QR codes are two-dimensional barcodes that can be scanned with a smartphone or other device equipped with a QR code reader. They are used to store and transmit information such as URLs, text, and other data.

A basic QR code generator typically allows you to input the data that you want to encode into the QR code. This can be a URL, text, or other types of data. The generator will then create a QR code based on this input, which you can save or download as an image file. Some QR code generators also offer additional features, such as the ability to customize the appearance of the QR code, add logos or other images, and track the number of scans.

To use a QR code, you simply need to scan it with a QR code reader app on your smartphone or other devices. The app will then interpret the information contained in the QR code and take the appropriate action, such as opening a website or displaying the text.

Overall, a QR code generator is a useful tool for creating and sharing information quickly and easily. They are widely used in marketing, advertising, and other applications where it is important to transmit information efficiently.

QR code benefits

  1. They are easy to use and scan. All you need is a smartphone with a camera and a QR code reader app (which are often pre-installed or can be downloaded for free). Simply open the app, point the camera at the QR code, and the information contained in the code will be displayed on your phone.
  2. QR codes can be used to quickly and easily access information or websites. For example, you could use a QR code to direct customers to your website, a specific product page, or a sign-up form. This can be especially useful for businesses that want to give customers quick and easy access to information about their products or services.
  3. QR codes can be used for marketing and advertising. By placing QR codes on billboards, business cards, or other marketing materials, businesses can encourage customers to scan the code and learn more about their products or services. This can be an effective way to drive traffic to a website or specific landing page.
  4. QR codes can be used to track and measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. By including unique QR codes in each marketing campaign, businesses can track how many people are scanning the codes and how they are interacting with the resulting content. This can help businesses understand what is working and what isn’t, and make informed decisions about future marketing efforts.

In short, QR codes are a versatile and convenient tool that can be used by businesses of all sizes to share information, drive traffic, and measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

Whether you are a small business owner looking to promote your products or services, or a larger company looking to track the success of your marketing efforts, QR codes can be an effective and convenient tool to help you achieve your goals.

QR code result

Here is the QR code for - QR Code


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