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With over a billion websites now online and more than 80% of all purchases beginning with an online search, this means the higher your website ranks in relevant searches, the more likely customers will choose your business over a lower-ranking competitor.

Being on page 2 or beyond for products or services you supply will not bring people to your website. It is common knowledge that over 80% of people do not go past page 1 when selecting services, products or places online, which is why it is essential for your business that relevant product or service searches are on page 1.

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The purpose of search engine optimisation services and your business engaging an expert SEO company like us for SEO is to improve ranking positions of certain keywords and to increase online visibility for your products or services.

We achieve page 1 rankings for keywords by our SEO experts performing proper search engine optimisation techniques that do not go against Google’s guidelines.

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In most cases, search engine optimisation consists of a website audit, fixing any website issues, multiple domain/hosting checks, website pages being optimised for SEO and finally links being built from other websites to your website.

Obviously, this is an overview and there are technical aspects behind each of these tasks, but generally, this is what SEO entails.

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Track your keyword progress with our dedicated rank tracking app and choose to have daily, weekly or monthly reports directly to your email.

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Do you need an amazing new website to help with SEO?

Our website design experts will build a mobile-friendly, beautiful website that reflects your industry while following your lead and input. We build on WordPress, the most popular and flexible building platform there is. It’s easy to modify or add to your website as your business grows, and we can help with that too.

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SEO frequently asked questions

With a new business website, do you need SEO?

Great question! Just because you now have a website it doesn’t mean people are going to visit or find it. In our opinion SEO for start-ups is crucial. The best analogy we always use is that it is like having a lovely well-stocked shop in the middle of the desert. People will come if they know it is there, but if no one knows about it, very few will find it and therefore very few will come. So to explain that someone types in what you do into Google, and your website is not on the first page, how do they know your website exists?!

Now that you have a website, will my website rank in Google on it's own?

To an extent yes. But maybe not for what keywords you may think it would rank for. Just because you have had a website built for you by us or by anyone, doesn’t guarantee it will rank for the keywords you want, without proper SEO. There are many facets to SEO and this is what we specialise in.

Do we guarantee your website to appear on page 1 for your chosen keywords?

Yes, we are one of a few companies that guarantee page 1 rankings for your keyword/s. However, the timeframe is not guaranteed and will be different per client, per keyword, per SEO project.

What do we mean by guarantee to rank my website?

By stating we guarantee means that we will have a pre-agreed timescale for the keywords you require and if you are not on page #1 at the expiry of this timescale, we will continue to do SEO for free until page #1 is achieved. However some SEO projects require ongoing SEO, in this case, we will just switch focus on keywords and continue improving rankings of the new keywords. This guarantee only applies to our SEO services and local SEO, not SEO packages.

Does perform local SEO, national SEO and International SEO?

Yes, of we do. We don’t just perform local SEO, we have clients from the UK, EU countries and the US and can rank you wherever you are in the world for whatever you want to rank for.

Do we provide a way to track progess of the keyword rankings?

Yes, of course, we not only send them directly to your email address weekly, but we have an App that you install on your tablet or mobile device where you can view your keyword progress LIVE at any time from wherever you are.

How do you start the SEO journey with

All you need to do is fill in our SEO discovery form, information request and then you will receive instructions on what to do, and don’t worry, it is very simple and straight forward.

When should you start seeing results and keyword ranking improving?

This depends on the keyword/s, the niche and competition but to generalise, we would say things will start to improve around the 6-month mark. For tougher keywords, this may take longer but we will advise on this before we start SEO.

You have been doing SEO for you for 3 months, why are you not seeing rankings improve?

Don’t panic! This is very normal, we always advise to allow 6 months before seeing anything significant. Not to say it won’t happen quicker but google indexes slow these days in 2020 and it takes time for links pointing to your website to pass the juice or power. Eventually, the power of the backlinks will start to trickle through and your site will start moving up, guaranteed.

Your website is now position #1 in Google for certain keywords, will it stay there?

The answer is yes it will for some time, depending on the competitiveness of the niche or keyword. If you drop down a few positions we will analyse and tell you why. If you have stopped SEO, you may need to restart, especially if your competitors are doing SEO. Dropping 2-3 positions in Google can mean losing thousands in revenue!

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All you need to know about search engine optimisation

SEO servicesA major percentage of businesses tend to invest in professional search engine optimisation services. Before you consider SEO services, it is important to know about this service, and why is it so crucial when it comes to ranking a website.

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is a necessary marketing tactic if you want your website being page 1 in google search engine. This article is an overview of SEO where you’ll have a strong understanding of SEO, why it is valuable, and how you can get results by opting for an SEO service.

What is SEO?

It is very likely that you’ve heard of SEO, and if you aren’t aware of the term, you can get an idea about it from the internet. SEO means search engine optimisation. That means, it is the process of optimizing content in your website to be discovered through organic search results on different search engines. In short, SEO demonstrates the search engines that the content is the best result of the topic at hand.

Can SEO Impact on a website’s performance in the SERP’s?

When it is about SERP or Search Engine Results Page, SEO is the only factor that determines the website’s visibility. SEO consist of many facets. If some of them are unused, broken, or misapplied, it can have a negative impact on the website’s position on SERP. Here are some common SEO mistakes that impact on the website’s performance.

* MISUSING OR NOT USING META DESCRIPTIONS, META TITLES, AND ALT TEXT – Meta descriptions and meta titles tell screen readers and search engines about the content of your page. They assist search engines to find out if the information on the page matches up with the searcher’s query. Alt text provides screen readers, and search engine text descriptions of every image on the webpage. When these features are poorly used or missing, search engines give preference to other websites.

* POGOSTICKING – It happens when a visitor comes to your page from Google’s search results. But, quickly realises that the page isn’t relevant and returns to the same search results page and clicks another website. When Pogosticking becomes frequent, Google realizes that your page isn’t useful to readers. This way, your SERP rank suffers.

* MISSING, BROKEN, OR SPAMMY LINKS IN CONTENT – Too many low quality, spammy, or broken links can have a negative impact on the SERP.

* SLOW LOADING – It is not good for your webpage if it doesn’t load in 2 seconds or less than that. Slow load times cause users to leave the website. It signals Google and other search engines that your website doesn’t hold good in search results. CMS websites like WordPress can be problematic for servers and load slower than a simple HTML website as they are database driven. We would highly recommend a little gold nugget tool that will speed up a WordPress website in a few clicks.

* MISSING WEBPAGES – The user immediately goes back from the requested page after the page displays a 404 status code, and looks for another site. Search engines record this data and when it happens frequently, it hurts the website’s SEO scores. If the structure of the website is changed, or the page is deleted or moved without redirecting the users, 404s happen.

* TOO MANY OR NO KEYWORDS – With the evolution of Google’s algorithm, you need to stay updated to the best practices when it is about using keywords correctly. Dropping the keywords in a non-relevant and overly-obvious way, as well as inserting too many of them per page can hamper your SERP rank.

* DUPLICATE OR INSUFFICIENT CONTENT – Google favours those websites that produce quality, fresh content on a regular basis. Constant activities and updates on your site signal the search engines that your webpages are operational rather than being an abandoned site. Keep in mind that an original, richer content has a superior SERP position.

* NOT USING INBOUND AND OUTBOUND LINKS – When quality online resources like established brands link to your webpage from their content, search engines use these inbound links to know that the content is of the highest quality. More inbound links over time can help to grow the SERP rank.

* MOBILE-FRIENDLINESS – If websites aren’t mobile-friendly, Google penalizes them, and that drastically affects the SERP rankings. Responsive website design is crucial to success with SEO!

* DOMAIN NAME – A domain with .ca helps the SERP rankings within Canada. But, the website’s visibility in the search results decreases when someone searches it from outside Canada. Same for .co,uk domain names in the United Kingdom.

What are the benefits of having SEO done to your website?

SEO helps business owners to create robust and user-friendly websites and ranks them higher on search results. This way, it brings in more potential consumers and increases sales. SEO builds a strong web presence and takes you to the next level. Here are some benefits of getting SEO on your website.

* USER-FRIENDLY WEBSITES – SEO helps to create a much responsive website in terms of smooth and fast navigation through the webpages. Most people have the same old opinion about SEO. They think that SEO is all about optimizing for search engines. But, these days SEO is done to improve the user experience.

Uncluttered and well-structured websites compel a normal visitor to stay on the page longer, thereby increasing page views and decreasing bounce rate. High relevant content such as blog articles and sales pages keep the readers happy.

That’s because they solve their questions and helps them find what they are looking for on your website. Hence, on-page SEO makes users happy. And, the search engines are too happy because they were able to serve information to their valued users.

* BRINGS MORE CONSUMERS – One of the important aspects of having a website is to become a part of the competition and increase the consumer base. Otherwise, why would have invested hundreds of dollars in marketing? Businesses with SEO optimized website bring in more consumers and grows faster compared to businesses who don’t have one.

The most affordable and efficient marketing strategy these days is probably SEO. On top of that, it brings consumers who are in great need of a service or product. If you are willing to spend a small amount of money, energy, and a few hours of time, SEO can bring targeted traffic to your website. As such, the number of enquiries will rise in comparison to other marketing tactics.

* BETTER CONVERSION RATES – Websites that are SEO-optimised, load faster, easy to read and navigate, and display properly in all types of devices, including tablets and smartphones. SEO-optimised websites are easy to read, navigate, and grabs attention from your visitors or readers. It is very likely that they can become your consumers, subscribers, and returning consumers.

* HELPS TO BUILD BRAND AWARENESS – One of the greatest benefits of having higher rankings on SERPs is creating brand awareness. When your website appears on the first page of search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo, your potential consumers would love your brand. They are more likely to like your brand because when they searched for a specific term your website came out leaving the other brands.

This proves your website has a strong web presence. Hence, if you want to create better brand awareness, you need to invest in SEO. Your website will have top rankings for the key terms associated with your businesses. Remember that these days search engines play a crucial role in breaking or making a brand.

* BYPASS COMPETITION – Suppose, there are two businesses in the same industry, and both of them sell similar products at the same prices. But, one of them has an optimized website and another has a normal non-optimized one. Now, everything is equal between them.

Yet, which company do you think can attract more consumers from their websites? Which company is likely to grow faster and become successful in the near future? SEO and search engines are very powerful. When your competitors are doing SEO marketing, ask yourself why you haven’t invested in this strategy?

Why SEO is so important when it is about ranking a website?

Top positions on the result pages generate a lot of clicks and impressions. And, ranking in these top positions results in a significant rise in traffic for your website. And, this becomes possible through SEO. Search engine optimisation focuses on building informative and keyword related title tags along with meta descriptions. These descriptions are displayed on the search result pages.

When you have descriptions and optimized tags, there is an increase in click-through rate, which increases web traffic significantly. Without SEO, there won’t be any descriptions or proper keyword tags. Even if you have the right keywords in place, it is almost impossible to get a higher rank on the search result pages.

Why choose us?

In the digital era, every website needs to be optimized to have better rankings. With better rankings, your business will increase its visibility on search engines like Goggle. In short, SEO services from an expert SEO company like to help send the correct signals to the search engines.

This way, it pushes your website into the topmost spot in the search results page. Be it a new website, or an existing one, you don’t have to worry about that. We ensure your website feature in the SERPs by doing high-quality SEO for your brand and website whether it is a local business needing SEO, a big company needing targeted keyword SEO or a medium-sized business needing a brand-building SEO package.


Remember that handing someone a guitar won’t guarantee good music. If you want to experience real music, you have to hire a professional. So, if you desire top-notch SEO, you can hire us. Give us your budget, and you’ll have great results.