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AffiliateWP review

AffiliateWP is an affiliate management system plugin for WordPress allows you to create a powerful affiliate system in WordPress.

Current pricing: £146 – £274

Affiliate marketing plugin for WordPress

Looking to multiply your sales and profit on your WordPress e-commerce site? If so, there could be nothing better than creating a full-fledged affiliate system in WordPress that provides a seamless promotion of your products and services.

Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular and lucrative internet marketing strategies that has helped thousands of businesses reach unprecedented heights.

Practised as a performance-based strategy, affiliate marketing involves incentivizing the advertisers for every referral sale of your online product portfolio. The users sign up as affiliates on your website and earn a commission for each customer they refer to you.

This marketing strategy can not only open room to a wide base of loyal audiences but also lead to remarkable website traffic thereby generating massive revenue from augmented sales.

Affiliate marketing offers a win-win situation for both business owners and affiliates. Business owners set up an affiliate program and affiliates sign up, pick niche-related products from their store and promote them in their blogs, YouTube videos, etc. When someone uses their link to purchase products from the business owners’ website, they get a certain per cent commission for their referral.

Integrating such an affiliate program into your e-commerce site used to be complex and would often require the hands of an experienced developer costing you thousands of bucks.

However, now with this WordPress plugin AffiliateWP, creating and adding this system to your site has become effortless and incredibly affordable.

Let’s take a deeper look at everything it has to offer, the features, pricing, and functionalities with our complete AffiliateWP review below.

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About AffiliateWP plugin

AffiliateWP comprises all the features and functionality you will ever need for starting and managing your affiliate system right from your WordPress admin dashboard. As of today, AffiliateWP is the leading affiliate management WordPress plugin that you can find.

It has become a one-stop solution that comes with advanced features and negates the need for any additional services which constantly rattle you by taking a monthly fee or a share of your earnings.

You can easily build a successful affiliate system in WordPress that manage your affiliates and closely track their referrals. It allows you to monitor the individual product sales and reliably make the payments from the site.

With the sleek and intuitive interface, you can easily add an affiliate program that works and grow your business.


Key features of AffiliateWP

From basic functionality to advanced features, AffiliateWP boasts an array of solid features to help you with your affiliate system. Here’s an overview of the most appealing feature that comes with it.

  • Easy to set up and add – You simply have to install and activate for the affiliate program to be up and running in a couple of minutes.
  • Complete integration and compatibility with other Plugin – AffiliateWP offers complete integration with all popular plugins. This includes 28 leading WordPress, eCommerce, invoice, membership Plugins, and WooCommerce. As AffiliateWP is developed by the same developer who built Easy Digital Download Plugin, it facilitates seamless integration with Digital downloads.
  • Affiliates Auto approval – You can opt for auto-approval of affiliate applications when they meet certain criteria laid by you or just manually approve their applications.
  • Integrated real-time Reporting and tracking – They feature an accurate affiliate tracking system that acts as a powerful tool to track affiliates’ referral, their conversion rate, earnings, and registrations in real-time. They provide all the data you need in report form and graph form as well, for visualization and making an informed decision whenever required.
  • Link Unlimited affiliates to your network – AffiliateWP plans allow you to have unlimited affiliates that actively promotes your products and services.
  • Enable Coupon code – Affiliate coupon tracking feature allows you to connect certain coupon codes to specific affiliate accounts.
  • Easy Affiliate management – It lets you view affiliate monthly report, and check the top-performing affiliate.
  • Unlimited resources for affiliates – For seamless and uninterrupted promotion, your affiliates will have access to unlimited resources, referral links, banners, etc.
  • Customizable rates – You can set custom rates for individual affiliates allowing you to set a higher commission for the top-earning affiliates and high-profile bloggers.
  • Set Percentage or fixed referral – With custom rates for affiliates, you can set fixed commission or percentage commission for your products and services.
  • Allows Cookie expiration – It allows you to set cookie expiration which means you control the duration of referral tracking cookie.
  • Customizable emails – They provide customized emails for admin notification, affiliate registration, approval, rejection, earning reports, etc.
  • Export data to CSV – Accounting, Bookkeeping, and forecasting stays at your fingertips as you can export all the data to CSV. At the end of the month, you can mass payout your affiliates directly.
  • Rest API and WP-CLI integration – Users can create, view, update, and delete the data (CRUD) using the WP-CLI commands from AffiliateWP. Also, perform CRUD operations using RestFul API.
  • No language barrier – Internationalized mechanics ensure that language is never a barrier for you and your affiliates. Users can translate the page in any language they want.
  • Extensive documentation – Even if you are an absolute beginner and want to set up a full-fledged affiliate system, you can do so by using their extensive and quick documentation.

So, they provide everything you will ever need with your affiliate system. Once your affiliate system is configured, affiliates can sign up via your registration forms. You can either enable auto-approval or manually check the new applicants’ form.

They also ease your work by including useful shortcodes that allow you to publish the registration and login forms at any page of your website and restrict the content of the page such as links, banners, affiliate specific messages to logged-in affiliates only.

The admin can automatically track conversions, including the referred visitors to your website and their purchase. Referrals can also be recorded n the back end as well. On the setting tab, you can determine how much your affiliates can earn.

You can set a fixed referral fee or percentage commission for each sale on various products. Also, set custom rates for different affiliates. For example, if one of your affiliates is performing impressively well or you have a high-profile blogger or Youtuber, you can persuade them to promote your products by offering them a higher commission.

How to set up AffiliateWP

    1. General Settings – After you install and activate the plugin, head over to AffiliateWP Settings to activate the plugin license. The License key can be found in the Accounts Tab in AffiliateWP website. Enter the License Key in the General Tab In Settings to activate your license. Next, you can configure the referral settings. You can enable the Pretty Affiliate URL which will switch the (?ref=) query string to something like this – URL format. Select the Referral Rate type, percentage, or fixed and enter the Referral Rate. You can include or Exclude Shipping and Tax Options. Then, you can choose the Cookie Expiration days and Default Currency (USD, EUR, GBP, etc.) Once done, click on Save changes to complete the general settings.
    2. Integrations – As mentioned, this plugin provides easy integration with various other e-commerce, membership, and invoice Plugins. You can enable them easily by hovering over to the Integrations tab in Settings.
    3. Emails – The plugin facilitates customized emails for everything. You can configure all the email settings, upload the logo, choose email templates, from name and email, registration subject, etc from the Email tab in Settings. Here, you can choose notification emails on new registration of affiliates, application approval, and rejection, application in review, and paid referrals.
    4. Misc Settings – The Miscellaneous Settings allows you to configure other useful options like reCAPTCHA, logout link, default URL, etc. Once everything is done, don’t forget to click on Save Changes.

Affiliate area

Once the basic settings are done, you will have to create an Affiliate Area where users can see the registration and login form for getting started with your system. AffiliateWP automatically generates the Affiliate Area page when you install the plugin, you just need to specify by adding a shortcode or creating a new page, where exactly you want the login and registration form to go. The affiliate Area will seamlessly integrate with the rest of your website.

Once the form is published, the forms will be visible to non-logged-in affiliates. A different Affiliate Area will be visible to Logged-in users. In this Affiliate Area, your affiliates can generate a Referral Link by Clicking on the Generate URL button.

The Statistics tab displays all the information of paid, unpaid referrals, visits, earnings, conversion rates, and referral fees. Using the Graph tab, the affiliates can check the graphical representation of their Statistics. The Referrals tab provide them with a glimpse of all the referral they made and their status. The Settings tab allows them to choose the payment method and enter their payment email.


How to manage your affiliate program?

AffiliateWP provides you with a powerful set of options to manage your entire affiliate program. You can review or edit your affiliate details and track referrals in real-time. You can check the Affiliate reports, visits, conversion, and their payouts.

You can see the entire affiliate system from the Overview Tab.

You can head to affiliate Tab to monitor affiliate specific earnings and referrals, set up custom rates, and modify your system as per your business goals.

AffiliateWP addons – Free & Premium

While there are countless free effective features, they offer Premium Add-ons as well to make your affiliate program more efficient. There are 17 free Add-ons and 14 Pro Add-ons. The most efficient is the use of RestFul API which allows you to interact with the data in AffiliateWP database with external applications and code. You can formulate CRUD operations and can have complete control over your data and system externally.

Other Premium Addons allow you to enable recurring referrals, instant PayPal payouts, pay your affiliate with stored credit and implement a tier-based referral rate for your Affiliates.

There are lots of 3rd Party free and paid plugins too, please check out their add-ons page.

Free add-ons

  1. Blocks
  2. Starting Affiliate Id
  3. Affiliate Area Tabs
  4. Affiliate Info
  5. External Referral Links
  6. Allow Own Referrals
  7. Show Affiliate Coupons
  8. Allowed Products
  9. Affiliate Area Shortcodes
  10. Affiliate Area Product Rates
  11. Leaderboard
  12. Sign Up Bonus
  13. Store Credit
  14. Order Details For Affiliates
  15. Force Pending Referrals
  16. Woocommerce Redirect Affiliates
  17. Checkout Referrals

Pro add-ons

  1. Rest API Extended
  2. Zapier for AffiliateWP
  3. Affiliate Landing Pages
  4. Direct Link Tracking
  5. Custom Affiliate Slugs
  6. Signup Referrals
  7. Affiliate Forms for Gravity Forms
  8. Affiliate Forms for Ninja Forms
  9. Pushover Notifications
  10. Lifetime Commissions
  11. Recurring Referrals
  12. Tiered Affiliate Rates
  13. Affiliate Dashboard Sharing
  14. PayPal Payouts


AffiliateWP is a premium WordPress Plugin that is available in four pricing plans.


$149 | €123 | £112
1 website & includes 17 free ad-ons

Buy now


$199 | €164 | £149
3 websites & includes 17 free ad-ons

Buy now


$299 | €246 | £224

Buy now

Ultimate (discontinued)

One-time payment of $499 and offers unlimited site licenses and all 14 pro-add-ons (plus all upcoming future pro-add-ons) for life.


For large companies, agencies, and developers. They work with you to build a customised plan to suit your requirements.

Enquire now

Pros and cons


  • Extremely developer friendly
  • Real-time affiliate tracking
  • Integration with popular plugins
  • Advanced feature tools and functionality
  • World-class customer support
  • Automatic approval and payouts


  • Creatives section could be better

AffiliateWP FAQ

How does AffiliateWP track visits with cookies?

AffiliateWP uses cookies to track affiliates and visits so referrals can be generated.

When testing AffiliateWP, if you have enabled the Fallback Referral Tracking option under  Affiliates → Settings → Misc → Use Fallback Referral Tracking Method, the cookies will not be visible in the browser, but a visit will still be created. Fallback Referral Tracking essentially bypasses JavaScript (to avoid any existing JavaScript errors on your website) and tracks the affiliate and the visit using an alternate method.

How long do cookies last in a customers browser?

The cookie’s expiration is determined by how many days are entered from Affiliates → Settings → General → Cookie Expiration. By default, it’s set to 1 day, but you can change this to any number of days.

Can I translate AffiliateWP into my own language?

Yes.  AffiliateWP can be easily translated into your chosen language if a translation does not already exist within the plugin.

AffiliateWP review final thoughts

Thanks to AffiliateWP, creating and adding an affiliate program to your WordPress site has never been more cost-effective and easy. Now, you don’t need to hire an experienced developer to create your own affiliate system.

AffiliateWP is a remarkable Affiliate Program plugin that is astonishingly easy to use and manage.

With this, you can stop worrying about having a great affiliate system and focus entirely on planning and promoting your affiliate program. If you need an affiliate marketing program in your WordPress site, you must try AffiliateWP.

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