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Wincher review

Wincher review: Wincher is a rank tracker that allows you to monitor the positions in search engines for your website’s keywords.

Current pricing: £25 – £235

Wincher rank tracker detailed review

Wincher Rank Tracker is a software for professionals that keeps track of your keyword ranking progress. Aside from its superb features, Wincher is famous for its impressive pricing structure. Your monthly payment depends on the number of websites you want to track.

Most people are usually stuck at choosing the right SEO tool to track their keyword positions. When picking an SEO ranking tool, there are many factors to consider such as pricing, features, advance reporting system, and reviews. Wincher Rank tracker is the answer to tracking SEO ranking queries. Below is an in-depth Wincher review and why it is a favourite among many website owners.

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Wincher features

Below are the main features for your Wincher.

1, Rank tracking

Tracking keyword ranking is the most prominent feature of Wincher, which updates your positions and your competitors’ in search engines daily. Moreover, you can check your SERP rankings for the past few days, weeks, months, or years.

Wincher will inform you how your SERP placements have declined or improved. You can also assess the average traffic a specific keyword brings in. In a nutshell, Wincher helps you react and measure your online performance and content marketing results clearly and concisely.

It helps you determine the direction you should take your digital marketing campaign.

2. Keyword Research & Grouping

Similar to other keyword research tools, Wincher helps you with keyword suggestions that are sought by your target audience. You can also add the keywords and suggested keywords manually to allow Wincher to prioritise the keywords terms. As such, Wincher can help improve your SEO which will assist you to attract more visitors to your website.

You can group your keywords into various categories and receive an overview of the entire ranking process.

3. Competitors Ranking

As previously mentioned, Wincher also keeps track of your competitors. If you want to compare your SERP performance against your key competition, you can add up to 10 competitors per domain to the Competitors feature. Staying updated with your competitors’ progress also gives you an insight into the things you should and should not do.

4. On-Page SEO Tool

The on-page SEO tool gives one a score and precise suggestions on ways to fix potential issues. You get a free unlimited tool that helps you identify how appropriate your pages are optimized for certain keywords.

It is as easy as putting your URL and keyword for the page that you need optimized. You will receive a report with information on fixing the most serious challenges according to the technical guidelines.

5. WordPress Plugin

You can easily integrate the Wincher rank tracker directly in your admin dashboard if you use WordPress. Wincher has a WordPress plugin with the simplicity and accuracy of a web version. The Wincher plugin has not been updated for a while, so hopefully, they do this soon. It is not necessarily a bad thing, it could just still be compliant with the latest version of WordPress.

6. Annotations

Annotation features allow you to create notes within the project. This can serve as a reminder, for example, if you do a few on-page changes that may influence your search engine rankings.

Therefore, Wincher’s annotation feature can be used to keep track of SEO work-related changes which is really handy.

Wincher benefits

These are some of the main benefits you get for using Wincher keyword tracker.

1. Data Accuracy

Accurate data is an integral part of SEO rank tracking. Staying up to date is also vital and Wincher does not disappoint for data accuracy. Unlike some other trackers, Wincher updates positions daily (at midnight CET).

2. Integration

Wincher keyword research tool is entirely integrated, making it more useful than the average keyword research tool.

3. Teams

Wincher offers free team access if you want to add your colleagues to the account, which is quite rare to find these days with tracking tools.

Other rank trackers to consider

Another tool to consider for keyword monitoring is ProRank Tracker, read more here.

How to use Wincher

Signing up for Wincher is easy. Once you have entered the required details and opened an account, you can access the dashboard, from where you can carry out lots of tasks. Below is a step-by-step guide to using Wincher without a struggle.

Step 1: Finish the onboarding process

The process does a couple of things for you.

  • It gives Wincher a starting point
  • It gives you 90% off the first month

To complete the onboarding process, give Wincher FIVE target keywords and select the most critical three—add a rival, and utilise the keyword research tool.

Step 2: Inspect the dashboard

The Wincher Dashboard holds a lot of information. After the initial log in, it shows the ranking data. After adding competitors and keywords, you can utilise the filter option to refine your results.

On the dashboard, you will notice the following metrics;

  • Average position- it shows all your page’s average rank based on the provided keywords.
  • Position changes- it shows the number of positions gained or lost by your domain in a day.
  • Traffic- Shows the monthly number of clicks that a page gets for the chosen keywords.
  • First Positions- informs you how many of your pages are leading in SERPs.

You can also manage your keywords from the Wincher dashboard. The Add keyword button allows you to add your list of phrases and terms to the list.

Step 3: Use the keyword research tool

This feature, as provided by Wincher, functions differently than common keyword research tools. You can choose terms from a list of Wincher’s suggestions relevant to your domain. There is a filter option that can narrow down your choices. There is a new metric known as SEEN that tells you if your page appeared in the SERP for the chosen keyword and where it did.

You can filter the results depending on Words, Competition, Seen, and Search Volume. There is an option for adding a specific word or phrase to the keyword. To add a keyword to the list, click the green Add button on the right side of the results.

Step 4: Check your page data

Pages show all pages that rank for the available keywords. Fortunately, Wincher shows the best keyword that a specific page ranks for. If it’s just one, then the single keyword it ranks for is set as the default entry. If there is more than one, use the info under the keywords column to show all the keywords.

Step 5: Add competitors

Doing so tells you if you are nearing your competitors in SERPs. You can use your list of essential keywords as a basis. You can also compare domains with the keywords found by Wincher.

Step 6: Set up your reporting

The reporting feature is simple. You can determine how regularly Wincher sends reports to your inbox and what to include in the report.


The majority of SEO tools offer fixed limited plans, thus limiting how many keywords you track. Unfortunately, even for special plans, you won’t use all features and limits.

However, for Wincher, you get a flexible pricing model. The monthly fee is calculated from the added number of websites in the account.

The first website is €10 per month with 100 keywords included.

Any additional website will cost €3 per month each. You can create your plan and decide how much you wish to spend. Fortunately, there is a FREE 14-Day Trial which is great to try it out.

Coupon code

With this coupon, you will receive a £25 discount on Wincher.

Simply click the big green button, it will open Wincher in a new tab. On the iwebsitez tab, the coupon code will be highlighted, right-click and copy the code, apply it on Wincher tab at checkout. Voila! Enjoy your £25 off discount!


  • Daily updates. Wincher emphasises the need for staying updated daily.
  • Prices. Wincher has the most affordable price plan for an SEO tracker.
  • Flexibility. Wincher allows customers to create their own plans.
  • It offers free features such as competitor tracking, free team access, and much more.
  • Wincher has excellent historical data.


  • Wincher does not provide local rank tracking, which would be handy for small business owners.
  • Wincher does not provide an opportunity to get on-demand updates.
  • The reporting is in .pdf format and not direct to email.

Frequently asked questions

What does Wincher do?

The tracker checks what position for a particular keyword your site is being noticed in Google. It checks your daily positions and presents the report to you along with some other features.

Does a rank tracker affect SEO?

No, keyword tracking does not have any direct negative or positive impact on SEO. However, using a keyword tracker grants you insight into what affects your SEO, which helps your SEO strategy.

Is Wincher free or have a free plan?

No, Wincher has a 14-day free trial once you sign up and you are not required to enter any payment details.

Can people or competitors know I am using a rank tracker?

No, neither Google can see if you are using a keyword tracker. Besides, this wouldn’t matter anyway as it has no effect on SEO.

What are 5 good alternative keyword rank trackers?

In no particular order:

  • Pro Rank Tracker
  • SE Ranking
  • SEO Powersuite Rank Tracker
  • Advanced Web Ranking
  • Rank Ranger


Overall, Wincher is a favourite among website owners for several reasons. The fantastic price feature makes it a very popular tool within the  SEO industry.

It is functional, easy to use, and flexible. Wincher’s user interface is easy and can customise keywords and add keywords or phrases to the listed suggestions. This review clearly shows you the good and bad sides of the tool while still maintaining its integrity as one of the best SEO rank trackers tools on the market.

Although Wincher is good at what it does, if you are new to SEO (search engine optimisation), you need to know, buying this tool will not make your website rank. There are many factors to rank a website above other sites, Wincher will just be to monitor this progress.

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