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Why choose iwebsitez.com®

  • Premises

    We have a brick and mortar location, no red tape, no mystery or monthly charges, are a friendly bunch, oh and by the way... we build great mobile friendly, responsive websites!

  • Approach

    We tackle every web design and SEO project with the same methodical approach that produce well coded websites and results in SEO that not only rank but last.

  • Control

    Once being on-boarded to iwebsitez.com, you have an area where you can login view/manage your details, manage your domain names, hosting, websites, email addresses, invoices and more.

  • Results

    Getting your website online is one thing, but to rank is another. You need a have a fast, responsive, optimised website and more, which we can discuss once you are within our "city on a hill".

Everyone claims to build websites that will rank

Here's the actual truth about this

Building a website that Google understands is one thing. We do this by default. We optimize it so that Google will easily understand what your website is about. This is called On-Page optimization. But what most web design services don't tell you is that On-Page optimization is not enough to rank on first results.

What you need, is also Off-Page optimization. Which mostly means building links and is an entire separate process. We do this as well at iwebsitez.com, but we're upfront about it: this is a completely different procedure and service.

We fix what other designers have broken

We often see wonderful websites that look wonderful on the outside. Beautiful pictures, marvelous effects and so on. But then, being geeky developers, we look at the code and find that the website loads in 30 seconds, mobile responsiveness doesn't exist, Google cannot read the messy code etc. In fact, these are some of the problem clients come to us to fix at their newly created websites.

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Our Clients     iwebsitez.com®

  • So, we wanted a website built, but we were clueless, had no idea where to look even. So we googled website builders west Sussex. There were an awful lot to choose from so we started to look at their own websites. iwebsitez.com® stood out from the others. It was clear and easy to understand ( apart from the awful music ). The bit I really liked was " come in have a cup of coffee and tell us what you need ". So many other sites didn't even have a phone number let alone an address. We called them and spoke to Pete, from there it was simple, " tell me what you want and leave to me " he said. " I have no idea " I said. " ok just leave it to me " . So I did. And the result is great, it's not finished yet but that is my fault. Pete came down to our shop shop and set our PC to recieve all of our e.mails in one place, he set me up a program to remember my passwords. Whenever I get stuck trying to change or add a product he is there. To sum it up you need look no further than Pete, Srik and Rafal at iwebsitez. Thanks for the great job guys.

    Mike Donnelly
    Mobility and Comfort & Your Mobility Solutions
  • I can’t remember when I last sent a commendation to a company, but I have just been so impressed that I feel that it’s due. The day I walk into your office Pete to discuss re-vamping our website It was a 'breath of fresh air' to talk to someone who listened to what our business was about and how as a team we can achieve what we want. Your informal and relaxed manor, but professional approach and understanding to our needs made it easy for me on that day to instruct Iwebsitez to get started building and hosting our new website. It’s been refreshing to deal with somebody that actually knows what they are doing. Thank you – especially for your patience and perseverance, as well as a good job done!

    Vince Tansey
    Dry Waterproofing Ltd
  • My first contact with iwebsitez.com® was that they were professional and efficient as when I left a message they called me straight back and I went to see them about my website. They were friendly and seemed to be at the cutting edge of web design. They designed an incredible modern amazing website for me very quickly and added things I did not even know I could have e.g. twitter link. I felt there was nothing they couldn't do and they made me feel as though they really went the extra mile. They were always happy for me to pop in and sit with them and go through the web pages and they sorted me out an email address and system and added it to my laptop and phone. I would highly recommend the guys at iwebsitez.com® as they deliver what they say they will do especially the SEO for which I am at the top of all the google searches for my field of work. I am so proud of my website now and everyone comments on how professional it looks. They even helped me with my logo design which was all part of the service! Thank you so much and for your patience as I know I was not the easiest of customers!

    Anna Gatland
    Freedom Therapies
  • We absolutely love iwebsitez.com, they have been so helpful in the design of the website and especially in climbing Opus Loco up the Google search list thingy. We could not recommend iwebsitez.com® highly enough.

    Opus Loco
    Recruitment Agency
  • I went to iwebsitez after a friend had used them to build her website. She assured me that not only are they wonderful value for money but they keep you involved in the process. I wasn't disappointed, this is one case where you don't get what you pay for. I got so much more! The value for money is amazing and in less than a week my website was live. I've had so many compliments on my website and the professional layout, even right down to the special web address that the guys got for me. All in all it was a fantastic, speedy and amazing value for money experience!

    Claire Humpage
    Transition Training
  • I was starting my business up without any money and marketing experience, or people I could rely on.Pete and iwebsitez.com® helped my with company name, business card content, design help, presentation help, a basic web page, set-up of email and general advice. Without him I wouldn't have been seemed as professional. iwebsitez are a quality company which pride themselves with what they do. Today, 7 months later, we are company with £48k turnover, so well pleased and money well spent. Of course I had to work for it, but Pete's input was very important at the beginning. Thank you Pete and iwebsitez.com® - keep up with good work!

    Saulius Mockus
    S3M Property
  • I need a website for our Hair and beauty Salon in the Arcade in Bognor Regis. We needed a something that was visible clearly on mobile devices and also stylish at the same time. I chose iwebsitez.com® by typing in website designers in to Google, they were 1st on the list and so I called them. Not only was the price very reasonable, but the design and custom bits were just great, now we have a great looking website to raise our profile and credibility even more as one of the best Hair and Beauty Salons in west Sussex.

    Alex Gundogdu
    Karizma Hair and Beauty
  • Pete and the team have been fantastic, after I started my own website with a build your own site which failed on me rapidly, Pete came in and picked up the pieces for me. After showing me where I had gone wrong and helping me grow my SEO stand point it is all starting to take shape. iwebsitez are a company that want to look after the little guy and help where they can. I will of course send as much custom their way and will use iwebsitez going forwards. If you need a website looking after or built, or would like to maximise your SEO opportunities then look no further.

    Matt Kirk
    Dog Days Out Walking
  • Brilliant web design company, at a reasonable cost, reliable and attentive, I would recommend them to anyone who needs a new website.

    Peter Langhorn Clairvoyant and Psychic Surgery
  • My thanks to the whole team at iwebsitez. I'm really pleased with my new website. Pete, Raf and Lauretta are easy to work with, available at their office if you need to see them, and turn around any amendments very quickly. The whole thing came in on budget and on time.

    Barry Shorten
    Arun Language Training
  • I was a bit sceptical when I first contacted iwebsitez, as I was was ripped off by a previous company who seemed like my project was far too big a project for them and 18 months worth of work, time and money was rendered useless. After meeting with Pete and the team we decided to proceed and restart our website from scratch - Probably the best decision I have made to date! Less than 6 months have passed and more has been achieved within this time then the previous 18 months! Throughout the build the team have been so much more than helpful offering advice and providing solutions to help us get the most out of our site. On top of the website build I have also purchased a hosting plan and a SEO plan with iwebsites. I have also registered 33 domains through them. All of these processes were cost effective and simple to do. I am very excited to getting this project finished over the next month and launching our 1st site, with 7 more to come through out 2015. Thanks guys - Keep up the good work :)

    Scott Wallace
    Design Packaging Ltd & Packaging Etc
  • Great customer service very helpful, I was a little bit rusty when it came to my website and iwebsitez helped me to sort out all my little issues, I will be recommending this local business to my friends. (Review for iwebsitez.com® on Facebook). Thanks

    *Dave Hutchinson
    Domain and Web Hosting only
  • Professional but friendly service, always quick to respond to emails. They are happy to work with your ideas but will suggest alternatives if they are more beneficial.

    Dawn Lancaster
    In Balance Holistics
  • I can't express enough how good these guys are at their job. Pete and the team are amazing. They genuinely make what vision you have for a website happen plus so much more.

    Arun Turek
    iPhone Ambulance
  • I picked out iwebsitez from a Google search looking for website designers geographically convenient to my activities. I'm secretary of a large(ish) prostate cancer charity and knew nothing about website design and not much about computers but, for various reasons, we knew that our old website needed to be replaced. I knew what I wanted to achieve but didn't know how to achieve it. Pete and the team seemed to know what they were talking about so we set off. My ideas came up against technological limitations and I had to push to understand why things could not be achieved. I will have no problem in returning to iwebsitez for the next stages and would certainly recommend anyone to talk to them. You'll be pleased with the results you get.

    David Hurst
    PCaSo Prostate Cancer
  • Thank you - good service, more than happy with our site.

    Rachel Farrow
    County Tree Surgeons

What is a Responsive Website

Does a responsive web design benefit my London business?

Having a responsive website means that your website is not restricted by device or operating system, but instead responds intuitively to a users demands, delivering an optimum viewing experience. We have always developed responsive websites which is nowadays becoming even more essential for more web traffic.

Do you need a responsive web design?

Every responsive web design for clients in London will get a FREE domain name (up to £10) and a 5GB cPanel® cloud hosting account for 1 year to get you started. Everything you need is provided within cPanel to get you off and running, email, website statistics, file manager and so many other features.

If you interested in a website or web design for your business, please fill in the form below.

London Web Design Pricing

HTML Website

from £300

HTML websites are static websites where content is changed by using a text editor and uploaded to the server via FTP or cPanel File Manager. Generally speaking, most of our London clients who have a HTML website get us to make necessary changes unless they are proficient in editing HTML code.

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WordPress Website

from £700

WordPress websites are CMS or content management systems where the user can add/edit/remove their own content and the website is a self managed system where you as the client can update any part of the website. We just design and make sure it is safe, secure and fast for ease of use.

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E-Commerce Website

from £800

E-commerce is a way of selling products or services online to the internet browsing public where you can set your own prices, product description, images and content. You can then sell these live on your London website using PayPal or another payment gateway to tender your money.

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Every Web Build Receives

  • FREE domain name up to £12 for 1 year
  • FREE 5GB cloud hosting for 1 year
  • Up to 10 email accounts plus help setting up
  • Un-researched meta information (basic on-page SEO)
  • Google Webmaster Tools submission
  • Bing Webmaster Tools submission
  • Yandex Webmaster Tools submission
  • Google Analytics setup and access
  • XML sitemap creation and submission

Web Design Extra's

Service Price
Logo design from £100
Google My Business creation £100
Bing Places for Business creation £100
Facebook Business page creation £100
Website changes from * £30 p/h

* 5 minute changes/amendments within reason, no charge